Hope you weren’t too excited to play DmC this year because Capcom announced today that it won’t be making its 2012 date. While it is disappointing that it won’t come out this year it will launch release very early next year. Mark your calendar for January 15th because that’s when Ninja Theory’s Dante will crash to your home on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version will makes it debut at […]

Official word from Capcom has it that the Devil May Cry HD Collection will be hitting North American and European shores on April 3rd, 2012. This HD Collection will come with Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition in on high definition package for $39.99. Feel free to pre-order on your console of choice via Amazon with this convenient link!

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There’s been a great deal of vacillation regarding Ninja Theory‘s take on Capcom‘s Devil may Cry. This reboot of the series, DmC, will be taking a look at Dante’s younger years and see where the demon hunter we have come to love got his start. This gameplay trailer shows off two minutes of absolute escaping and destruction. The game doesn’t quite look finished and there are a few small problems, […]

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is on its way from Capcom and will hit your 360 or PS3 console for a nice price of $39.99. $40 for three games? Well, two if you’re hardcore about your Devil May Cry, because DMC2 was garbage…. This collection will have the nice addition of Trophies/Achievements for each game, as well as bonus content on both platforms. Check out the trailer behind the […]

No, really.

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If you were one of the many, many people who disliked the redesign of Dante from Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory and Capcom has the following reason: the old Dante just just isn’t cool anymore.

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The unfortunate state of the Japanese gaming industry in this generations of consoles is familiar news to most gamers, which has resulted in many eastern developers and publishers taking a shine to the western market. By the sounds of it, Devil May Cry 5 will be taking a similar approach.

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