You like strategy games? You like Mass Effect? You…like both of these things together? Well, BioWare just revealed that there is going to be a Mass Effect version of the ever-popular Risk strategy game. Prototype image behind the cut.

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Mass Effect 4 is to use the rather swish Frostbite 2 engine according to an inaugural blog post from Bioware Montreal Studio Director Yanick Roy. In the post, the Montreal studio head waxes lyrical over a number of topics.  Chief among these is the transition of the franchise from Bioware’s Edmonton studios, the need to live up to expectations bourne of the previous entries in the series and not only the use of of DICE’s Frostbite […]

The fans have spoken! BioWare has unveiled the brand new trailer centered around Female Commander Shepard and how she’s a strong lady commander who don’t need no man. Enjoy the new Mass Effect 3 trailer below the cut!

With just over a month away until EA and BioWare launch Mass Effect 3, production facts and other goodies are trickling out of the woodwork. Below the cut, you’ll find a video showing off some of the voice acting and their respective actors that went into the making of the game, as well as a partial list of everyone who shall appear in the final product.

I, uh, couldn’t in good conscience file this under “Random Awesomeness,” because I’m sure some people would not find some of the content “Awesome.” But I laughed. The scene in Mass Effect 2 with both Male and Female Commander Shepard giving Khalisah al-Jilani a piece of their mind for making some “disingenuous assertions” or “snide remarks” of some sort has become quite famous on the internet, but also received no […]

What? You still don’t have Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2?! You’re kidding me! Well, you’ve lucked out because the EA Store is offering both games at sweet, sweet discounted rates.

YouTube user aislinntrista24 has made a very special tribute to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 by fusing some of the excellent character animations with the style from legen- (wait for it) -dary anime Cowboy Bebop. Check the video out after the cut, with special soundtrack “Tank!” by The Seatbelts.

There’s this song on the internet. It’s about Mass Effect and Commander Shepard. The artist is Miracle of Sound and, well, it’s pretty dang awesome. Check it out after the cut.

You read that right — Mass Effect 2 on Dat Triple is coming out next month! North America nabs it on January 18th while European territories get it on the 21st, so EA hath spoken. Don’t forget about those yummy goodies you PS3 players will be receiving!

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Microsoft announced that BioWare’s epic Mass Effect 2 will hit the Land of the Rising Sun this winter. Considering that the sequel launched in January of this year, Japan had a very short wait compared to the first game, which didn’t see Japanese consoles until May 2009 (and had a western release in November of 2007). Watashi wa Commander Shepard. Watashi no ichi ban mise wa koko desu.

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