Some game commercials wow you with gameplay, some rely on tugging your heart strings, but the new commercial for Black Ops II DLC, The Revolution, is funny and awesome at once. It features Peter Stormare, you know Satan from Constantine? And he’s willing to step in and get what you need to do done, while you play Black Ops. Check it out below the break.

Activision has confirmed the first DLC pack for Black Ops II. The pack, called Revolution, features 5 new maps, one of which is a zombie map and a new multiplayer SMG called the Peacekeeper. More importantly this DLC will include a new game mode called Turned, which lets players become zombies and attack the living. Sounds pretty cool. This is the first of the Season Pass so players who bought […]

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Yeah that’s right, now instead of fighting with a middle-aged woman over discounted socks, you can arm-wrestle children for an Xbox 360 Bundle! There are many exciting deals, on consoles and more, from several retailers. The most notable being an Xbox 360 250GB console, bundled with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Forza 4: Essentials Edition for only $199.99 (USD).

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As reported on Giant Bomb, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, in layman’s terms, set out a hit on former Infinity Ward leaders Jason West and Vince Zampella, telling Activision’s IT director Thomas Fenady to “dig up dirt” on the men who shaped Call of Duty in order to fire them. This news comes from the recently ended lawsuit between Activision and West and Zampella.

According to an Spanish and Portuguese online shop FNAC, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is scheduled for a November release. Amazon had listed Black Ops 2 earlier last month but was quickly removed. Activision stated that a Call of Duty will be released this year and November would keep it similar to previous releases. The game will most likely be developed by Treyarch just like the original Black Ops. Check the image below.

If you need something to fill the long days and nights while you count the minutes till Mass Effect 3 comes out Steam has a few options for you this weekend. First off the free-to-play game Alliance of Valiant Arms is offering a Team Fortress 2 promo item just for getting a fairly easy achievement. Complete a round of the game and get the Black Rose knife for Spy. It’s just a […]

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Activision is really excited to announce that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has hit the $1 BILLION landmark, breaking yet another sales record. Sixteen days was all it took for Modern Warfare 3 to hit this monetary milestone, even faster than James Cameron‘s Space Pocahontas Space Dances With Wolves Avatar.

And Bobby Kotick could be heard laughing and saying, “It’s all part of the plan.” A single disc of the two-disc version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been stolen from a shipping warehouse in California. The 13 GB file has already made its rounds on the internet, and while only being available for a short time, has likely been downloaded hundreds upon thousands of times. Chances are […]

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Nobody can be told what Call of Duty: Elite is – you have to see it for yourself. Well, no, that’s not true – but it certainly will help to hear about Activision’s latest expansion to the Call of Duty franchise from somebody who got to see, play with and fiddle with it – which is why I’m here. Before showing us the full demo of Call of Duty: Modern […]

I wish this was a joke. As if dropping $60 every few months each time the Call of Duty franchise is rebooted wasn’t enough, Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Activision Blizzard now plans to create a new subscription service called Call of Duty Elite, which is how DLC for future Call of Duty titles is to be distributed to the customers, and is proposed to launch […]

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