Holy… Massive rumor about THQ circling NeoGAF today. Supposedly, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online has been cancelled, the entire 2014 lineup has been canned, and rumors abound that the company is currently offering themselves to Asian firms to increase their value. To boot, there’s word that they’ve returned intellectual property to Disney with no refund. More on this to come.

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Team Bondi, developers behind 2011 powerhouse L.A. Noire, have reportedly gone bankrupt.

It is a sad day today for the gaming world. News received from Data Max (translated by NeoGAF) indicates that the Japanese developer Cing, most known for Little King’s Story & Hotel Dusk, has filed for bankruptcy with liabilities in the region of 256 million yen. The sequel to Hotel Dusk, ironically named Last Window, is currently being localised for release in the west. Here’s hoping that it will still see release, despite […]

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Movie Gallery has filed for bankruptcy for their second time. February 1st of this year marked the company giving notice to over 800 stores that they would be shutting down. On February 3rd, Movie Gallery filed for Chapter 1 bankruptcy after pulling out of a previous bankruptcy from 2007 just eight months prior. The company will be shutting down Movie Gallery stores, Hollywood Video stores and Game Crazy stores all […]

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