Looks like after a short outage this morning (oh yeah, news story, Xbox Live was down), Xbox Live is back up and running smoothly, and with it comes news of a bunch of games and content on sale! Two sales, in fact! In addition to the standard Xbox Deal of the Week for Xbox Live Gold members, there’s also a massive “Back to School” sales event that’s open to all […]

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Read that again. Almost seven years. Remedy are pleased to announce that Alan Wake will finally be launching on PC come February 16th. On Steam, two versions will be available—the standard version for $29.99 will include the full game and both pieces of DLC, but a Limited Collector’s Edition will also be available for $34.99. Details behind the cut on what’s different in the PC release.

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Finnish developer Remedy, of Alan Wake and Max Payne fame, announced Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at the Spike VGAs last night. The game is set for release on Xbox Live Arcade in the first quarter of 2012. The downloadable format fits in with the episodic structure of the original Alan Wake game. Also, minor spoilers if you haven’t played the original Alan Wake.

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Rumors have been abound since a certain cinematic developer’s resume showed up online stating she was working on Alan Wake 2 (which, has now mysteriously disappeared from said resume, of course.) Fans have been scouring the internet for other information that might indicate the return of the series, with a new source providing what might be a healthy breath of life into the project for us to see.

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Remedy, Finnish masterminds behind Max Payne and Alan Wake, have confirmed that they are working on more Alan Wake. However, this new project is NOT Alan Wake 2, nor is it DLC for the original. We’ll have further details when they announce it properly (E3, anyone?), but they have said that a good release guess would be Fall 2011. The best guess I’ve seen on Twitter for this is some […]

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Konami has released new images of Silent Hill: Downpour – the eight game in the series, if anyone’s lost track – along with the first sounds from the series new composer, Daniel Licht. Details from the new game are already being surmised by the fandom, and with Konami keeping tight-lipped about the game, we can only hope more is revealed soon with such beautiful screens. More info on the game […]

Update: Wow! Looks like a lot of stuff went really fast! I personally missed out on Monster Hunter Tri and Transformers: War for Cybertron on the cheap, but there’s still plenty of games available on several platforms! This sale may be until January 3rd, but the game you want may not be there! Original: GameFly are having their incredibly huge year-end sale RIGHT NOW. Literally hundreds of used titles at […]

GamaSutra has posted the NPD sales figures of Blur, Alan Wake, Split/Second and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sand for May 2010, and the results are disheartening to say the least. Remedy’s Alan Wake, a 360 exclusive, only managed to sell 145,000 copies, with Ubisoft’s PoP: The Forgotten Sand selling less than 100,000 even though it was released five separate platforms. The Disney-published Split/Second netted itself only 86,000 sales between […]

Looking forward to Alan Wake? Hoping there’ll be a sequel even though the first game hasn’t even been released yet? Then you’re in luck, “Well, it’s certainly no secret that we’d love to make a second one if the first one does well,” Mikko Rautalahti stated Remedy’s officially forums. “But since the game isn’t even out yet, it’s really up in the air.” Reviews for the game so far have been […]

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Alan Wake is coming! Having been stuck in perpetual development hell for so long, Alan Wake is finally coming to Europe next week. The embargo has been lifted, meaning the reviews have been hitting the net left and right. Most scores are in the 90+ percentile, except a 7 from Eurogamer. The full round-up can be found below.

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