How do you do it, Nintendo? How do you manage to make hit after hit after hit with the same basic concept over and over again? Now you’re even selling us an updated version of a 13-year-old game! And we’re still going to buy it, even though we’ve played it to death a million times already! Some of the first in-game footage from the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D for […]

The 3DS AR cards are freakin’ cool. I’m just putting it out there. They’re a fun diversion when you have nothing to play on your 3DS and it seems you can do all kinds of weird shit with ‘em too! Like tattoo them on your arm! Tiny Cartridge recently discovered a certain individual who figured the AR cards that come with your 3DS would make a neat tattoo. So he […]

The 3DS launched with a fair amount of meat already packaged into the hardware itself. Not only did you get the hilariously stupid Face Raiders game already installed, the augmented reality games was a fun and unique experience for a short while. Nintendo, however, isn’t done there and wants to add more to its free 3DS roster. In an upcoming firmware update, Nintendo will be giving away a 3D version […]

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Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed today at a press event in London that Super Mario 3DS will play like a cross between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, two of the greatest Mario games there is!

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We here at The Gaming Vault are anxiously awaiting the launch of MegaMan Legends 3, which in September of 2010 was announced to be released on Nintendo’s 3DS platform. We were hoping for a full cartridge release, but fate is yet again a mischievous bitch. It was announced today that MegaMan Legends 3 is set to kick off Nintendo’s eShop. For more info, an announcement trailer and screenshots from the game can be […]

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, spoke with USA Today regarding the launch of Nintendo‘s latest magical device, the 3DS. While many analysts predicted sales of over 750,000 in the first week, the 3DS sold just short of 400,000 units. But Nintendo doesn’t consider this a failure. In fact, they say it’s all according to plan, suggesting that their distribution model made it so that the 3DS didn’t sell […]

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While there’s not a whole lot on the new site, the gates are open for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. There are some cool tidbits on there, though, like some cool new artwork, as well as a “3D” page you can play with. Check out the boxart and a screencap of the art behind the cut!

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DO A BARREL ROLL. In THREE-DEEEEEEEEE. Come July 14th, less than a month after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D releases, you’ll be able to go into All-Range mode in three dimensions with Star Fox 64 3D, a handheld remake of the excellent home console game. You can check out the Japanese teaser site, or wait for an English one, likely to come soon to an internet near […]

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Nintendo’s recent launch of the 3DS was plagued by one minor complaint: a lack of decent launch games. Thankfully Nintendo has released a list of coming game releases from now until summer across all Nintendo platforms. For the full list, check after the cut.

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As the first week of the North American release comes to an end, Nintendo is faced with surprisingly lacking sales at home.

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