To say fans have been clamoring for the new Final Fantasy games “Type-0” and “Versus XIII” would be an understatement, even though recent speculation was high at least for the latter game that it had unofficially and quietly ended production. With a tweet from Yoichi Wada and a track from the supposed game appearing for download on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, that rumor was pretty immediately debunked. Now Theatrhythm has gone and done it again. Square Enix announced today […]

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Another week in the world of Nintendo’s eShop, another week of mostly lackluster content, but there IS some good stuff this week. Click on through, to the other side, to see this week’s releases! Yay Doors reference!

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Nintendo’s Twitter has dropped US release windows for three games, following Nintendo Direct earlier. Hit the jump to see them.

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With the official release of Nintendo’s next 2D 3DS platforming Mario effort now just around the corner, the Kyoto based company has released a brand new trailer for it which you can see after the jump.

Continuing the trend of popular scrapping franchises being adapted to the small-screen, comes the news from Comic-Con that Capcom USA and the superbly named Assassins Fist Limited, have put ink to paper to create a brand new Street Fighter TV series for the small screen.

Although paying for online play is a regrettable reality for the Xbox Live platform, and Sony has been generously sweetening the proverbial pot for PS3 players in recent times with PS+, Nintendo has stated that they have no plans to make people pay for online services on the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U.

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Square Enix has revealed its full line-up of games for this year’s E3. It’s quite heavy on console and mobile games, but depressingly devoid of console RPGs. Oh well. It’s still a solid line-up either way.

It was revealed today that two new titles are heading to the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. The first being Pokédex 3D Pro, a premium upgrade of the previous, non-pro version. The second, well, click on to find out.

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With the new Nintendo 3DS game out in just 10 days, Nintendo has decided to give away select AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising for its Club Nintendo members. The three pack of cards includes the Great Reaper, Drill Arm, and a ‘rare’ version of Palutena. To get these cards, all you have to do is follow the link and sign into Club Nintendo. Supplies are limited, so you should […]

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If you have a 3DS, chances are your favorite thing about it is the eShop. With new games like Pushmo and classic virtual console games, there’s plenty to be had in the downloadable area. I know you’re biting at the bit for more, so here’s your update for the latest in eShop games.

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