Friday night means it’s time for a new episode of The SML VaultCast for you to waste your time listening to!

Episode 7: Boge vs. Wild is like a mashup of two episodes. One episode is a Dummy Run about Boge playing the Xbox 360 all time classic Man vs. Wild starring Bear Grylls and the other episode is a nice discussion on preorder bonuses, Limited Edition games and consoles, and our thoughts on them. Like any true mashup, things get crazy.

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As well as announcing a massive chunk of awesome in the form of the WayForward developed Duck Tales remake, Capcom also had some details to share regarding their recently announced Dungeons & Dragons arcade game twin-pack too which they called Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara.

A much more straightforward conversion than their Duck Tales effort (an up-rezzing of the existing assets is as far as it goes), Chronicles of Mystara will include both D&D arcade games; Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara in one pack and will boast four player drop-in/drop-out online co-op as well as local co-operative play too.

While no price has been announced yet, formats for the double pack have been; you can expect to relive those early 90′s scrolling hack and slash thrills on PC, PSN, XBLA and Wii U eShop.

Chronicles of Mystara is due to release in June.

We have a trailer for you to set your eyes upon too and you can find that (and likely a whole bunch of nostalgic pangs), after the break.

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I never, in a million years, would have guessed that this would have been announced at PAX East, but I am absolutely glad that it has been.

Double Dragon Neon and Mighty Switch Force developer WayForward is remaking the classic Disney NES platformer Duck Tales, with Capcom handling publishing duties.

The game is due to be released this summer for PSN, XBLA and will also arrive on the Wii U eShop.  Its currently slated to retail for 1,200 Microsoft Points/$15.

As well as using proper Disney character voice talent, the remastered game will live up to its moniker with high definiton sprites and entirely redesigned 3D backdrops inspired by the popular TV series.

In addition to the visual improvements, the game will also include brand new areas, a tutorial level to help players get to grips with the controls, online leaderboards and a remastered soundtrack.

Ah yes… that soundtrack.  You want to hear it don’t you? I can tell.  Well, not only can you hear it (and sing a long to it) after the break, but you can catch the first glimpse of the game in action.

I really can’t wait for this – take a look and sound off in the comments folks!

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Playstation Vita owners who have found themselves overflowing with jealousy at Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead being available on platforms other than their own, can now stow the rage and breathe a sigh of relief as the developer has just confirmed to IGN that the game will release on the Sony handheld sometime later this year.

Other than the fact that we know its coming, very little other details are known such as a release date and whether or not the game will ship as a complete package or arrive in episodic format.

We’ll have more when we get it.

Source: IGN

After Japanese publication Shonen Jump leaked the existence of Final Fantasy X-2 HD on both PS3 and PS Vita, Sony have now gone and made an announcement confirming not only the leak, but also that both games will launch this year worldwide.

Also, to top everything off, we have some gorgeous, high-resolution veneered screenies for you to take a look at after the break.

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Blizzard had a new title to announce at PAX East today, and while it wasn’t a massive new core entry in an existing franchise or anything (PAX is too small a stage for a new core entry in a Blizzard IP), Collectible Card Game fans should nonetheless finding themselves leaping with joy.

The new game in question is called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and represents a CCG take on the popular Blizzard fantasy franchise.

A free-to-play game that will allow players to purchase new cards for as little as $1, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be made available on PC, Mac and iPad platforms, with Blizzard promising it will be “far more fluid than other CCGs out there”.

Big words indeed.

No release date has yet been announced for the new title, but a Beta has been confirmed to take place sometime this Summer.

Also, in typical Blizzard fashion, they’ve released a rather swish looking CG teaser for the game which you can see after the cut.  Enjoy!

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We’re coming up to the end of things here and while I am depressed beyond belief that Rock Band will be ending DLC in a little over a week, I can finally rest well knowing that my five years of requesting Chevelle have finally paid off. Shame it wasn’t a week earlier to celebrate my birthday.

I WILL make it known, however, that Harmonix calling it “Chevelle Pack 01” when there will never be another pack is a total dick move. As if I’m not heartbroken enough over all of this, it’s pretty much confirmed that The Clincher will never be in Rock Band.

Get the details on the final 3 pack to grace Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, as well as the week’s Rock Band Network releases after the jump.
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Sony have just unveiled the Playstation Plus update that European games can expect to see in April, and, well, its a complete knock out.

Kicking things off in April, PS3 gamers can get the breathtaking Okami HD for absolutely zilch.

Capcom’s HD opus is also flanked by Tolkien themed hack and slasher Lord of the Rings: War in the North and quirky Ron Gilbert puzzler The Cave on the same day.

That’s absolutely crazy.

Furthermore, one week later the superb Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward becomes free for PS Vita users followed by indie gem Thomas Was Alone just two weeks later.

This is some seriously top stuff.  After the break, we’ve assembled a list of the games entering and leaving the service from the EU Playstation Blog.

Because we’re nice like that.

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Ubisoft have just chucked out a developer commentary video for Splinter Cell: Blacklist which shows off a whole bunch of new gameplay set inside an abandoned mill.

As well as giving us a brief overview of the gadgetry that Sam finds himself accosted with this time out, the video also plays quite neatly into the affections of long-time fans with a bespoke focus and stealthiness that was jarringly absent from the game’s original announcement.

Where is this video you say?  Why, its after the break dear sir/madam (courtesy of IGN).  Do trundle on won’t you?

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Square-Enix have just registered a trademark for something called Lara Croft: Reflections.

If you look at the trademark itself, as well as videogames, you’ll note that it also covers movies and other mediums as well, meaning that we could be looking at a film title or animated movie perhaps.  There is of course the equal chance that Lara Croft: Reflections is the title of an iOS/Android spin-off of the popular franchise as well.

What do you guys think it could be?

Sound off below!