The popular and exceedingly brilliant randomly-generated cave exploring misery generator that is Spelunky, has now been confirmed by creator Derek Yu to release on PS3 and PS Vita platforms at some point later in the year.

Little else is known about the former XBLA  exclusive, but new exclusive features are promised for the game’s debut on Sony hardware.

This is really is top news, especially for Playstation gamers who have yet to get hold of the game.  To say that we rather liked it when we reviewed its XBLA debut last year, would be something of an understatement.

Playdead, the developers of spooky, silhouetted platformer Limbo, have announced that the game will be making the leap to Playstation Vita later this year.

According to a report by Joystiq, the game will be outsourced to Double Eleven; the coding outfit that brought LittleBigPlanet to the powerful handheld a few months back.

In an interview with Joystiq, CEO Dino Patti explains why he is comfortable with letting another pair of hands work on the handheld conversion, “This version of the game is for the first time being made externally.  In the way we work there is normally no room for outsourcing, but the talented team at Double Eleven has convinced us that this is the right decision.”

No other details, such as a release window, are currently known.  Still though, Limbo on the move eh?  Sign me up!

Source: Joystiq

I’ve been waiting all month for this freebie! It’s not often I’m legit excited about anything PlayStation Plus throws at us these days, but I am excited to get Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PS Vita for free this week!

The Strategy RPG series has made waves on the PS2 and PS3 for years and the Vita version of the PS3 classic is a game that every SRPG fan needs to play, and now if you’re a Plus member, you can get it for free so you can waste way too many hours of your life playing it. Even better is that the Vita version includes five new chapters to waste even MORE of your life!

On top of that awesome freebie, there are also plenty of sales going on as well including stuff from Square-Enix, the corpse of THQ, and the game escapeVektor. Get the details on that stuff after the jump!  Read More »

After its announcement at Gamescom 2012 over eight months ago, everything went pretty quiet in regards to new any information for rain; an errie platforming effort from Sony‘s JAPAN Studio.

Well, after such a long silence, Sony have thrust the game back into the public eye; this time with a nearly six-minute long gameplay video which shows off the core gameplay that you can expect from the title.

Developed by Playstation C.A.M.P! the same crazies who brought us the quirky, but equally brilliant Tokyo Jungle, the gameplay premise in rain is simple; a world comes alive when the titular precipitation starts and when the rain falls, you need to avoid the rain monsters that appear and reach the end of the level.

Where the rain doesn’t fall however, you can become invisible and its by the act of skipping and in and out the rain that you can maintain a low-profile and avoid detection from the watery friends that surround you.

Liberally drenched (if you’ll excuse the pun) in a melancholy aesthetic and boasting a mixture of platforming and stealth mechanics, rain looks like it could be quite the hit for the PS3 when it releases later this year.

Take a look at the video after the jump and see for yourself.

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Much to the delight of assassins and wannabe privateers everywhere, Ubisoft have just released the first gameplay footage of their next ‘Creed title, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

In the video we get to see all sorts of swashbuckling adventure ranging from close-combat with sailors, to ship-to-ship combat, underwater shark fighting (what is it Ubisoft have against those poor beasts?), looting of treasure in addition to the usual Assassins Creed style gameplay including the obligatory roof-jumps and hay-dives.

Look, I just really want a decent open-world game from Ubisoft at this stage.  One that has copious amounts of pirates in it, all doing piratey things.  Assuming Ubi live up to the ambitious looking trailer that they’ve thrown out after the break, hopefully I’ll finally get my wish.

Are we pumped for this yet?

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Warner Bros have today announced that the popular DC Comics mash-up Infinite Crisis, will be getting a MOBA title of the same name for PC at some point in the future.

Other than being set in the Infinite Crisis DC multiverse not much is known about the the title other than it offers players the option to play as “Nightmare Batman” or “Gaslight Catwoman.”

Like most MOBA titles these days, Infinite Crisis will be free-to-play and folks interested can sign up for the beta here; though no date on when it will take place has been disclosed at this time.

Also, to whet your appetites further, we’ve got the debut teaser for you after the jump!

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With a brand new entry in the underwater franchise not seen since 2000′s Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, the designer of the original 16-bit Ecco the Dolphin games, one Mr. Ed Annunziata, has stepped up to Kickstart a spiritual successor to the aquatic series.

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“Red was a star. Now she is a target. “Five assassins confront her. But she is not alone. An extraordinary weapon slips free in the commotion. It transports her across the city in an instant. The assassins’ forces spread out in search.”  the opening act of Transistor proclaims.

Obvious to anyone with a set of working eyes and ears, one of the very best things to come out of PAX East was the unveiling of Bastion developer’s next game; Transistor.  Even better than that now, is the fifteen or so minutes of the game’s opening act as captured by Totalbiscuit on his YouTube channel that we have for you after break, and as you might well surmise, it looks totally brilliant.

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One of the best games of 2012 and certainly, a vision of the RTS genre performing at its zenith, XCOM Enemy Unknown has now been confirmed to arrive on iOS later this year by publisher 2K Games.

Best of all, this will be no cut-down version of the celebrated strategy title but instead will be the ‘full-fat’ experience that PC and home console owners have been savouring for months.

The whole thing will be present gameplay-wise; the building of your expertise and researching of new technologies, the construction of base, resources and other such infrastructure, the recruiting of soldiers and then the full blown 3D isometric turn-based combat which follows.

Happy times are ahead my iOS toting friends.

Other than a vague release date of “Summer” on iPad and iPhone, little else is known about the title, but what we do have for you however, is the first glimpse of the game in action, running on the iPad.

You can see that after the break!

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After the confirmation last month that Diablo 3 would be heading to PS3 (and PS4), Blizzard now have the first gameplay footage of the PS3 edition of the game to show us.

Showcasing the game’s frantic hack and slash element, whilst doing a good job of showing just how good the PS3 version actually looks, I’d say that the footage bodes well for a more than competent version of the game when it finally releases.

Whenever that is.

Catch the footage after the break.

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