UPDATE: Hideo Kojima has said that Ground Zeroes is a prologue to The Phantom Pain.

ORIGINAL: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the same thing and have been revealed as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at GDC 2013.

FOX Engine showcase below. Mind-blowing. Music courtesy of female-fronted Garbage.

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The excellent and emotionally intense PSN puzzle platformer Papo & Yo will arrive on Steam this April 18th according to Vander Caballero who spilled the beans to Game Informer at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The story of Papo & Yo is an allegorical one as its yarn concerns a boy called Quico and his friend, Monster, who has craving for devouring poisonous frogs.  When he does chow down on one of the slimy, venomous critters however, he turns into an unstoppable raging monster, bringing in the allegorical comparisons to Caballero’s own childhood experiences of being brought up by an alcoholic parent.

Originally released in the latter half of last year on PSN, Papo & Yo was not only an emotionally poignant title but a satisfying genre romp in its own right; boasting a very distinctive look and setting as well as some truly fiendish puzzles.

Honestly, you’d have to be wrong in the head to avoid picking this one up.

Source: Game Informer

A nice little tidbit to come out of this year’s Game Developer Conference is the confirmation from Wargaming.net that they’re ludicrously successfully strategic tank battler, World of Tanks, is coming to iOS and Android.

Created with mobile platforms in mind, the game will be called World of Tanks Blitz and will allow players to engage in 7-on-7 matches which have been inspired by the original World of Tanks on PC.

Very little is known about the mobile version of the game right now, but the developer has said the current World of Tanks players can use their Wargaming.net logins to access the iOS and Android versions of the game when they release; though it is not known whether this would allow players access to tanks already unlocked in the home version of the game.

We’ll be following this one quite closely in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Just hours before the game lands on the App Store at midnight tonight, someone has gone and plonked an half-hour long gameplay video for the iOS version of Final Fantasy V.

Of note to franchise fans will be the visual makeover that the game has received.  Rather than a grass-roots conversion to 3D, the game will retain its 2D look but will do so whilst embracing new high-definition artwork and designs that come from Kazuko Shibuya, the artist of the original SNES classic.

Though, if you’re feeling the pangs of nostalgia, you can switch back to the original visuals at any time.  As well as an aesthetic scrubbing, the iOS version of the game also includes content from the Game Boy Advance version of the game such as the hard-as-nails boss Enuo and The Sealed Temple.

Things get a little less rosy when we start chin-wagging about price however.  As is Square-Enix‘s obsession with premium price points for their digital releases, Final Fantasy V will set you back a rather hefty £11.99 / $16.99.

I imagine that when the eventual Android release happens later on in the year, the iOS price will be roughly comparable.  Catch the thirty minutes of retro JRPG goodness after the break:

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Rockstar have just unleashed a fresh new batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5.

We’ve got them all for you after the break and they are pretty impressive to say the least; showing off everything from dynamic weather conditions (storms!) to folks hanging off of cars and deep underwater scuba-diving.

From just a general visual fidelity point of view, I still remain shocked that this isn’t planned for a next-generation console release.

Oh yes!  Those screenshots!  Find em’ after the cut!

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On first pass, Battlefield 4 seems depressingly like business as usual for the next iteration in the Battlefield series; a franchise that has notably been awarded its own, gold-crusted bi-yearly spot on EA’s FPS conveyor belt.  With the exception of those explosions.  Those explosions look mighty nice and all fancy looking.

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Here it is. Seventeen glorious minutes of Battlefield 4 revealed in this next generation title, set for release on the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s upcoming console. Hit the cut for “Fishing in Baku“.

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Completely different from the class-based multiplayer game Primal Carnage, which appeared on PC last year, Primal Carnage: Genesis for the Playstation 4 is instead a single-player focused Unreal Engine 4 powered title that is structured in an episodic format.

Supposedly being the “immersive dinosaur first-person experience that people have been waiting for.” according to developer Lukewarm Media, the game promises “ a story driven, episodic single player adventure” which takes place in a world where dinosaurs have been brought back to life and consequently run amok (don’t they always?).

Expected to be a Playstation 4 launch title, not much else is known about the Unreal Engine 4 powered dino-fest, but we do have a rather tasty looking trailer for your eyes to devour after the cut. Read More »

The popular and exceedingly brilliant randomly-generated cave exploring misery generator that is Spelunky, has now been confirmed by creator Derek Yu to release on PS3 and PS Vita platforms at some point later in the year.

Little else is known about the former XBLA  exclusive, but new exclusive features are promised for the game’s debut on Sony hardware.

This is really is top news, especially for Playstation gamers who have yet to get hold of the game.  To say that we rather liked it when we reviewed its XBLA debut last year, would be something of an understatement.

Playdead, the developers of spooky, silhouetted platformer Limbo, have announced that the game will be making the leap to Playstation Vita later this year.

According to a report by Joystiq, the game will be outsourced to Double Eleven; the coding outfit that brought LittleBigPlanet to the powerful handheld a few months back.

In an interview with Joystiq, CEO Dino Patti explains why he is comfortable with letting another pair of hands work on the handheld conversion, “This version of the game is for the first time being made externally.  In the way we work there is normally no room for outsourcing, but the talented team at Double Eleven has convinced us that this is the right decision.”

No other details, such as a release window, are currently known.  Still though, Limbo on the move eh?  Sign me up!

Source: Joystiq