Originally announced back in 2008, Ride to Hell was publisher Deep Silver‘s crack at creating an open-world biker game, but since then, very little was heard about it until recently.

Now back in the public view, Deep Silver has brought not just one biker game to the table, but three; all spread between full retail, downloadable and mobile platforms.

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Six screenshots for what is thought to be a standalone continuation to last year’s excellent Far Cry 3, have just surfaced on the interwebs.

Spotted by All Games Beta, the screenies for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon show off a neon-drenched, over-blown post-apocalyptic setting and should set minds to rest who may have thought that the game would ditch the first person perspective in favour of being a side-scroller or something similar.

Ubisoft for its part, has yet to confirm the game in any sort of official capacity.

Catch all the colourful shots after the break and let us know what you think in the comments.

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With the June release date for the Capcom published Remember Me drawing ever closer, developer DONTNOD Entertainment have just released a new trailer for the game.

Focusing more on the combat elements of the game, the video serves to showcase the variety of different enemies that you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Just a heads up; the trailer also contains copious amounts of dubstep too.

Catch it all after the cut.

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Well, this isn’t exactly good news is it?

Disney has today confirmed that it has ceased all development at Lucasarts, placing Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault in limbo, while the house that Mickey built seeks to embrace a licensing-based business model for their intellectual property.

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Sony have just released a new and highly visceral red band trailer for Naughty Dog‘s next title; The Last of Us.

Showing off some never before seen content, the new trailer further reinforces the game’s bleak theme and hyper-violent goings on.

We’ve got the trailer for you after the break.  The Last of Us releases exclusively for the Playstation 3 on June 14th, 2013.

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In a report run by Eurogamer, Bethesda has apparently confirmed that a “new version” of the long-in-development Doom 4 is planned for next-generation consoles and that Rage 2 has been canned with all staff at id Software now working full-time on the troubled title.

The actual release date of the game is still not known as according to sources who have spoken with Kotaku, the game underwent a sizeable reboot in late 2011 and according to at least one source that Kotaku spoke to, development is “not going well” on the fourth core entry in the legendary FPS franchise.

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A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by Reddit user subpardave has resulted in SEGA Europe agreeing to add disclaimers to trailers for the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines, making the acknowledgement that they are not accurate and do not reflect the final game.

In a e-mail to the ASA, the disgruntled user placed emphasis on what he outlined as the “absurd” difference between the “in-game” and “playthrough” footage that SEGA utilised to market the game.

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Square-Enix and developer Eidos Montreal have just popped out a new trailer for the forthcoming and rather enhanced version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Wii U.

The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut showcases the improved visuals, the retooled boss encounters, The Missing Link DLC and the neural hub; a brand new interface unique to the Wii U version of the game which allows easy access to an arsenal of weapons.

The publisher has also recently said that all of the enhancements seen in the Wii U version of the game, will remain on that format and will not be seen elsewhere.

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The first commercial release from brand new Swedish studio Modesty, The Spookening is an intriguing little prospect for iOS and Android which casts you as Herman, an inhabitant of the apparently haunted Clifftown who, at the start of each day, finds himself deader than a door nail.

In order to resurrect himself each night, he has to harness the puntastic “Soular Power” from the denizens of the town.  In order to do this, you not only need to make sure that everyone is scared witless with your ghostly shrills but you also need to be aware of demons lurking in the shadows and the vengeful spirits of folks that you may have scared a little too much.

Catch the trailer for it after the break.

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With the start of April comes Microsoft’s next attempt at making the Xbox Live Rewards program worthwhile. I must say, I like the idea of this offering more than some of their past ideas.

When you go to the 7/11 on the corner for your morning coffee and scratch-off tickets, odds are you are getting every 6th coffee on the house. People love punchcards because people love free stuff. Well, free stuff as a result of spending money. So really, not free at all. Just overall discounted. So people love punchcards because people love the illusion of free stuff. Microsoft is aiming to work that to advantage with their new “MyPunchcard” service for their loyal Xbox Live Rewards members.

They’ve just launched the promotion, this month focusing on arcade games. If it proves successful, you can count on future months being dedicated to music, movies, DLC, or other such fare. Check out all the details for April’s punchcards after the jump.

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