They just keep coming don’t they? The fourth video to come along and sex up our retinas on this day is the ‘Daring Escapes’ trailer for Bethesda’s ‘Dishonored’; showcasing three separate escape routes that the protagonist Corvo can take as he attempts to flee Boyle Mansion.

In what seems to be a fairly superb day for trailerage, EA are adding to the awesome by debuting an interactive, multi-path single-player trailer for Crysis 3.

Ramping up anticipation prior to its release next-month, THQ have dropped a trailer for Darksiders II on us ordinary folk that features sweet, sweet gameplay and nothing else.  How lovely.

For the uninformed it would be a little too easy to write the Square-Enix published Sleeping Dogs off as yet another open-world crime actioner; trying to force it’s way into a market that groans at any such title that doesn’t have either the epic gravitas of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, or the balls-to-the-wall insanity of THQ’s Saints Row games. As this newest released trailer ably demonstrates however, the game formerly known […]

Despite it being teased in the previous Dance Central 3 announcement, it’s a bit hard to think of getting a dance game for the plot. But with the organization Dance Central Intelligence, jukebox time machines, and dance crimes, this game has me hooked. Song announcement and video after the jump.

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All singles this coming Tuesday for Rock Band 3! Foster The People will be debuting in the game with two tracks, “Helena” with keyboard support, and “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)” also with keyboard support. In addition, we’ll be getting a track from The Strokes, “Under The Cover of Darkness,” which won’t have keyboard support, but will have a PRO Guitar/Bass upgrade. Each track will be available for 160 […]

Not a whole lot of news regarding the Obsidian Entertainment-developed title, South Park: The Stick of Truth, but please enjoy these screens courtesy of publisher THQ!

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a hack and slash spin-off from the Metal Gear canon developed by the folks who coded the seminal Bayonetta, has had a tutorial video appear; chronicling the first three minutes of the game’s tutorial. You also get to see the game’s title screen; depicting our cyborg hero Raiden up-close who looks like the bastard son of a mechanized Skeletor and David Bowie.  With a sword.

With the September release date of the fifth entry in their long running fighting franchise rapidly approaching, publisher Tecmo Koei has today released a brand new tag team trailer for Dead or Alive 5; highlighting the newly announced tag team dynamic encompassed within the highly anticipated fighter.

Fresh off of news that Medal of Honor: Warfighter buyers would be able to get into the Battlefield 4 beta, comes the debut of the trailer for their third Battlefield 3 expansion pack; Armored Kill.