While this year’s Summer of Arcade might not have been the best that they’ve done, there were at least a couple of standouts. Deadlight was one.  Dust: An Elysian Tail, representing the end of the promotion, is likely to be the other.  To that end, Microsoft have released a launch trailer for the furry, platform hack ‘n’ slasher.

Another year, another Cabela’s game. While nothing really captures me to really try a hunting game, someone at Activision sure as hell is trying to innovate the franchise. After changing the main prey from cute, harmless deer to dangerous animals that will rip your face off, and last year’s failed attempt (though still an attempt!) at an action game with Cabela’s Survival, what can they do next to try to […]

It is surely a time of merriment and joy as Sega have today announced that their forthcoming Jet Set Radio HD remake will hit home consoles and PC on September 18th for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points. Vita skaters though, will get the HD wonder a month later, on October 16th.

Looks like Harmonix decided their overall setlist needed a bit more foreign attitude, so what better way to fulfill that than by bringing classic rock legends Foreigner back into the mix? It doesn’t stop there, though, as the team dug into the heart of Finland to extract a track from symphonic metal group Nightwish, the ninth most-requested band in all of Rockbandia. Three tracks making their way to a Rock […]

With today looking like it might be a reasonable day for trailers, Microsoft has joined in on the fun with a gameplay video for Halo 4; detailing the weapons that the human contingent will be bringing to the fight.

Capcom have decided to grace us with  a new trailer for their forthcoming Ninja Theory developed Devil May Cry reboot thing, DmC.

Industry legend Hideo Kojima has been confirmed to speak in the Konami developer session due to take place on the first day of this year’s Eurogamer Expo in Earl’s Court, London.

Continuing their video documentary series which kicked off last week, developers Gearbox Software have today released the second episode in the series titled “Xenos Vs Marines”.

The developers of BlazBlue, that gorgeous 2D fighting franchise that I just so happen to suck horribly at, have today confirmed that another entry is in the pipeline for the series.

This week will see the release of a song from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a song from Brutal Legend and a song from various sports games making their way to Rock Band DLC.