Despite being absolutely in love with it, I never really got to play as much Forza Motorsport 4 as I would’ve liked over the busy Christmas period. I needed an excuse to play it again, and I finally got one when the guys at Mad Catz were kind enough to send me down their new official Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel – their new top-of-the-line steering wheel.

SXSW’s first panel of the day didn’t go so smoothly with technical difficulties constantly messing up the event. Microphones erratically changed volumes and the projector wasn’t working at first. Still, the insight that the journalists had despite the technicalities was interesting to say the least.

DLC is one the biggest innovations of the current generation and whether it be for better or worse, it seems like it’ll stay. I love video games and if developers produce downloadable content, or DLC, then I will happily buy them. This will be first part of many that describe DLC and how it affects the industry/what it does. In this part I want to discuss DLC that act more […]

Some players of the Mass Effect 3 demo have complained that passive bonuses are “broken” or “buggy,” disallowing complete enjoyment of the small taste before the full game launches on March 6th, 2012 in North America (March 9th for Europe). However, according to BioWare’s own Manveer Heir, a Senior Designer on Mass Effect 3, there’s absolutely nothing broken about the powers in the demo, they’re just mathematical!

If you haven’t snagged yourself a code to play the Mass Effect 3 demo, fear not! We’ve got you covered. We are currently giving some away on our official Twitter feed, as well as our Facebook page (with a chance to win going on right now!). You can also follow our good friend Commander Shepard on Twitter where he’s currently holding a drawing to find out who has the best […]

About a month ago, I wrote a rundown on all Saints Row: The Third DLC up to that point. A month on, a fair bit more DLC has arrived, and I think it’s worth taking a look at the new additions. Will the selection be better than last time? I hope so.

Here we are: the crud of the crop, the lowest of the low. The games featured on this list are the ones that I had the absolute least fun with; the ones which, after playing, led me to take a cold 10 minute shower with twenty bars of soap to wash off their pure bile. Hyperbole is fun. Let’s get to the list.

Genre: 2D Platformer | Developer: Blit / Christian Whitehead | Publisher: SEGA Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Steam/iOS/Android/Windows Phone 7 Players: 1 | Rating: E (Everyone) SEGA is no stranger to porting its substantial collection of classic 90′s titles to modern hardware, especially when it comes to the Sonic franchise. These conversions have been solid but often bare-boned, with the games simply being emulated, upscaled, and dumped into a lazy-looking interface. Some […]

If I can be brutally honest, I wasn’t too much a fan of last year. Why? Because this list is much bigger than it should be. Settle in, folks, ‘cos this is gonna be a long one.

In a press release by developer Zeboyd Games, it was revealed that Cthulhu Saves The World, the acclaimed indie RPG, will be making its way to the Mac, Android and iOS via Tinkerhouse Games with more details to follow in the coming weeks. Along with this comes a permanent price drop to the Xbox Live Indie Games version, from $3/240 MSP to $1/80 MSP. The game is also available in […]