Make that four.  Yep, that’s four campaigns that you’ll be able to gorge yourself with in Capcom’s forthcoming Resident Evil 6, as the Japanese developer/publisher has just confirmed that series cult favourite Ada Wong will be the recipient of her very own single-player story mode. In addition to the insidious, crimson adorned femme-fatale getting her own storyline and stuff, comes the news of a new multiplayer mode titled ‘Agent Hunter’, where players can invade […]

Kicking off what is to be a multi-part video documentary series for Aliens: Colonial Marines, developers Gearbox Software in association with publisher Sega have released the first entry today; concentrating on the ‘feel’ of the game in accordance to its cinematic lineage. Have a look after the jump.

Those of you who bought the titular title, will likely be filled with glee or something to learn that the game has apparently sold enough to warrant a sequel. Not only is Dragon’s Dogma a certified home-run but there is good news across the board for the Japanese publisher/developer as Capcom has reported fairly decent increases in profits for the first financial quarter of the year.

Criterion Games, developers of some of the finest racing experiences in the history of forever, have released an ‘insider’ video on their forthcoming EA racer, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

This week in Rock Band DLC, Harmonix has announced a three pack of tracks from Killswitch Engage. Check it out!

You know how with most preorders, you would get a code to unlock/download some item in the game that you ordered? You know how sometimes that item turns out to be absolutely worthless or it was an item you could unlock easily enough without a code? That’s why I’m always excited to see physical items being given away as a bonus with a game preorder, and that is just what […]

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Spiders, Cyanide Studios, and Focus Home Interactive are bringing you four new screens for upcoming grand RPG Of Orcs And Men that only preface some of the extreme hurt coming to your 360, PS3 and PC in October.

With the third Battlefield 3 expansion not even out yet; Armored Kill is due for release in September, details have nonetheless trickled down the vine regarding the fourth expansion for the game; Aftermath.

They just keep coming don’t they? The fourth video to come along and sex up our retinas on this day is the ‘Daring Escapes’ trailer for Bethesda’s ‘Dishonored’; showcasing three separate escape routes that the protagonist Corvo can take as he attempts to flee Boyle Mansion.

In what seems to be a fairly superb day for trailerage, EA are adding to the awesome by debuting an interactive, multi-path single-player trailer for Crysis 3.