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EG Expo 2012: Aliens Colonial Marines Hands-On (PC)

Posted by John-Paul Jones- October 1, 2012 @ 17:32    ADD COMMENTS

Early on, the lay of the land in regards to the single-player campaign for Aliens: Colonial Marines became all too painfully clear. Seemingly destined to be a set-piece driven affair based on a popular IP that while likely not skipping out on the atmospherics, does very little else to meaningfully add to the genre, it doesn’t stand to deliver much in the way of fresh surprises.

The unlikely shattering of my expectations for that portion of the game will have to wait sadly, as the playable code on offer at the Eurogamer Expo was for the team deathmatch multiplayer game mode, which while not staggeringly original or inspired, nevertheless throws in a few welcome wrinkles to what is otherwise a well-trodden formula.

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Hands-On Preview: Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer

Posted by Chris Phillips- June 11, 2012 @ 05:00    ADD COMMENTS

Britain isn’t the place you’d normally associate with glorious weather, but with sunshine and temperatures making Barcelona look like Hoth, I decided it was far too good a day to spend it inside playing on the Xbox. So I hopped on the train to London and spent it inside the Excel Conference in London surrounded by thousands of other nerds, geeks and weeaboos at the MCM Expo instead. As you do.

I fought my way through the crowds, past endless traders selling endless Naruto merchandise, Yu-Gi-Oh cards and creepy hugging pillows, and found the beating heart of MCM. And it sounded a lot like this.

We joined the queue and after a forty minute wait, five of us were allowed to step through and get our first look at Aliens: Colonial Marines. And we weren’t disappointed by what we saw.
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Pre-E3 Gametrailers Roundup

Posted by John Michonski- June 1, 2012 @ 06:40    ADD COMMENTS

Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV just unleashed some news all over the Internet collective. Here’s a quick run down.

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