It would appear that the recent announcement of EarthBound for the Wii U virtual console has stirred up the imagination of one particularly skilled fan in the community. Clyde Mandelin, who goes by the name ‘Tomato’, in the community, has offered to provide his translation of EarthBound sequel Mother 3 to Nintendo for free so long as it will help secure a Western release for the game.

Long title, right? But I don’t care. EarthBound is FINALLY coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this year! I’ve been waiting years for this news and I will shout it to the heavens because it’s really happening! No rumor, no speculation, it was announced officially during this morning’s Nintendo Direct press event that it is fact and it is happening later this year. Sadly, no confirmed date yet aside […]

Hoping to utterly to erase any and all taste of last year’s reveal of Splinter Cell: Blacklist‘s decidedly un-stealthy shenanigans, Ubisoft have released a new, stealth focused trailer for the game to remind everyone that the game hasn’t devolved into an insipid, third-person shooter. Rather than the in-game footage which has been released previously, this newest video instead frames Mr. Sam Fishers sneaky goings-on in a more cinematic style; showing off a […]

We’ve been reporting on lots of fun indie titles being ported over to the Vita, here’s one coming to the Wii U. Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, aka Q.U.B.E. is a block puzzle game based on moving things utilizing physics and colors. It’s deceptively simple, meaning by stage five you’ll want to tear your hair out and scream because the difficulty ramps up to absolutely insane. The game was originally released […]

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Finally announced at last, Ubisoft has confirmed that Sam Fisher will make his Wii U debut with Splinter Cell: Blacklist this August alongside the previously announced versions of the title. Nintendo has gone on to record to  say that the Wii U version of the game will feature GamePad specific “enhanced gameplay features”, involving use of both the touchscreen and motion controls. We’ve got an image after the break showing […]

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Warner Bros.  has today confirmed what many had suspected; Batman Arkham Origins is a real thing and that its destined for release on Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3 and Wii U. No details regarding a next-generation console release were shared.

Those nice people at Amazon (the website – not the rain forest) have got a few decent gaming sales happening from now until April 14th at 11:59pm PDT. I wouldn’t say the deals are staggering, but there’s still a nice selection of titles to peruse and grab up for anywhere between 10% and 80% off. “But wait!” you might say. “80% off is DEFINITELY what I would call staggering!” Well, you […]

A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by Reddit user subpardave has resulted in SEGA Europe agreeing to add disclaimers to trailers for the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines, making the acknowledgement that they are not accurate and do not reflect the final game. In a e-mail to the ASA, the disgruntled user placed emphasis on what he outlined as the “absurd” difference between the “in-game” and “playthrough” footage that SEGA utilised to market the […]

Square-Enix and developer Eidos Montreal have just popped out a new trailer for the forthcoming and rather enhanced version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Wii U. The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut showcases the improved visuals, the retooled boss encounters, The Missing Link DLC and the neural hub; a brand new interface unique to the Wii U version of the game which allows easy access to […]

Much to the delight of assassins and wannabe privateers everywhere, Ubisoft have just released the first gameplay footage of their next ‘Creed title, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. In the video we get to see all sorts of swashbuckling adventure ranging from close-combat with sailors, to ship-to-ship combat, underwater shark fighting (what is it Ubisoft have against those poor beasts?), looting of treasure in addition to the usual Assassins Creed […]