Episode 2 is here! You know, for all of the reader that checked out the first episode… And look! We have a fancy banner thanks to Randall Drew of Rkdia Comics! He did this week’s video image as well. Episode 2: On Location with Youth Large sees the crew recording on location at The Video Game Store in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA. Small (Tim) was working, so why not, right? […]

Wii U has finally arrived in the UK a few weeks after their North American cousins got their hands on the console – and it appears to be flying off the shelves in the country at a more brisk pace than in the states.

I had the Wii-remotes all laid out on my coffee table with the Wii U Game Pad at the centre, shining brightly. Above the controllers rested New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, and Zombi U. The cheese and cracker platter waited on the dining table to be devoured by happy, hungry house guests, and I waited for my first Wii U game night to begin. One by one my […]

Genre: Open-World Action Adventure | Developer: Ubisoft | Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii U/PC | Players: 1 Local/8 Online Rating: ESRB: M (Mature) / PEGI: 18 Recently, the Assassin’s Creed formula, tried and tested as it is, has begun to wear thin, beaten into the ground with an iterative yearly formula that many feel has become stale. Is a new location and a new time-span enough to reinvigorate the […]

Ubisoft, the single largest third-party supporter of Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console, has confirmed that despite their large and varied launch offering for the machine, they actually don’t have a huge financial investment in developing games for it.

There are so many games that were at E3 that are getting proper, in depth write ups from the staff here at The Gaming Vault. E3 is a huge place that many smaller titles get overshadowed by the huge displays for highly anticipated game, so here are a few games that were at E3 that you may not know that much about.

Ubisoft dropped an unexpected trailer when Killer Freaks From Outer Space was remade into ZombiU, the best/worst named game ever made. Instead of aliens, you fight zombies, which I hope was a choice not because of how stupidly popular zombies are, but because how can you pass up on using a name like ZombiU.¬†ZombiU is coming this fall, which basically confirms the Wii U’ll be out then too.

Shigeru Miyamoto, god among men and creator of such classics as Mario and Pikmin, has announced that the Wii U will be seeing Mario and Pikmin games. Confirmed in multiple interviews, Miyamoto has stated that Pikmin 3 will be at this year’s E3. He also announced that there would be a new Mario on Wii U, which may or may not be the rumored Mario 4. Nintendo’s E3 is shaping […]

The United States Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. EMA earlier today, deciding in a 7-2 vote to strike down a proposed California law to assist in the ban of sales of violent video games to minors. Originally known as Schwarzenegger v. EMA, The law would have given a government body the right to label individual titles as inappropriate and issue fines to retailers caught selling these titles to those […]

UPDATE: We’ve recently happened upon what appears to be an official Nintendo PR document outlining several technical details of the Wii U. Until we confirm the validity of this document (which we’ll show you below), we will assume that these additional specs are rumors. Thank you for your understanding while we continue to research these details. Details are still scarce about what we can expect when Nintendo finally launches the […]