Do you like money? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to give it all to Square-Enix this holiday season. For the next couple weeks, until January 2, they are chopping their prices in half for near every game available in their online store. Even the brand new Hitman: Absolution is included in the sale, for $39.99 on all platforms. It’s not quite 50%, but you can’t really complain about […]

Here we are: the crud of the crop, the lowest of the low. The games featured on this list are the ones that I had the absolute least fun with; the ones which, after playing, led me to take a cold 10 minute shower with twenty bars of soap to wash off their pure bile. Hyperbole is fun. Let’s get to the list.

If I can be brutally honest, I wasn’t too much a fan of last year. Why? Because this list is much bigger than it should be. Settle in, folks, ‘cos this is gonna be a long one.

Head’s up, people! Big releases coming at you tomorrow, including heavy hitters from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal, and Snowblind Studios. For a full list and convenient purchasing links via Amazon, check behind the cut!

The PSP sure had a wild ride, and now it’s on its way out with the PlayStation Vita coming next year, right? In Europe, Sony says “no!” Revealed at Gamescom, the new PSP E-1000 will launch this Fall. The handheld has no built-in WiFi, thus enabling its mere €99 price tag. The handheld can still access the PlayStation Network through the Media Go service. Apparently, the PSP is “the perfect entry-level […]

WayForward Technologies, who have carved out a name for themselves with games on Nintendo handhelds such as X-Treme Sports, Sigma Star Saga, and most notably the Shantae games, has announced that an alternate version of their puzzle platform game Mighty Flip Champs will be coming to the PlayStation Network as Mighty Flip Champs DX. Between this, a Silent Hill game for the PlayStation Vita, and BloodRayne: Betrayal, WayForward is really […]

The United States Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. EMA earlier today, deciding in a 7-2 vote to strike down a proposed California law to assist in the ban of sales of violent video games to minors. Originally known as Schwarzenegger v. EMA, The law would have given a government body the right to label individual titles as inappropriate and issue fines to retailers caught selling these titles to those […]

It’s been a pretty awesome day today, as more and more details about the Sony NGP have been crawling out of the woodwork. We’ve seen plenty of rumors, speculations, and lots of awesomeness as far as tech specs and upcoming software. We’re collecting all the information we can find and putting it all here, into one convenient place for you, including specs, pictures, and every single detail available. Also worth […]

Sony just had a big announcement in Tokyo today. Probably the most important news of the day was that the “PSP 2″ has been confirmed. Codenamed “NGP”, short for New Generation Portable, the new device is already set to give the Nintendo 3DS a run for its money. Tech specs and more after the cut.

You hear that? That’s the sound of Square-Enix being awesome.

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