I’ve been missing around here as of late due to some personal reasons, and while I intend to be back full time shortly, I needed to pop in to let our readers know that Dead Space 3 just had a highly limited Dev Team Edition announced. And by “highly limited” I mean it really is limited for once, so don’t wait too long to get in on this. Only 5,000 […]

Rock Band 3 will see the re-release of Jessie’s Girl, which was previously featured in Rock Band Blitz, and new releases of I’ve Done Everything For You and Don’t Talk To Strangers. These tracks will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii on January 15 (January 16 for European PS3 users). Jessie’s Girl was a desired track for many years, and the excitement for Blitz was much […]

Sony have just released a freshly minted trailer for European gamers of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. In the trailer the titular raccoon and his friends are shown attempting to carry out a heist on Tiger boss ‘El Jefe’ and in doing so, showcases the trademark platforming gameplay that has typified the series thus far as well as a couple of new wrinkles to the successful formula. Find the trailer after the jump!

Heads-up folks, those wizards over at Platinum Games have released the international launch trailer for Anarchy Reigns; their ultra-violent multiplayer brawler which contains characters from their IP history such as Jack from MadWorld and Bayonetta from, well, Bayonetta. Anyway, the game has been getting some rave reviews lately and its being sold at a budget price point too (just £20), so there really is no excuse not to get stuck in really. […]

Yes, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is indeed a thing as Warner Bros. today confirmed that long-time Lego developer Travellers Tales, will return to develop the game for basically everything ever, well, 360, PS3, 3DS, DS, Vita, Wii U and PC. The developer has flirted in the superhero realm before; with two previous Batman tie-ins to their name, but this represents their first foray into all things Marvel. The setup for […]

Capcom have just shunted out a shiny new trailer for their sci-fi adventure, Remember Me. The action laden trailer focuses on the heroine, Nilin, as she wanders about the futuristic urban sprawl of Neo-Paris 2084; interacting with some of the robotic locals, shimming across ledges, jumping out of windows, and battering her unfortunate foes half to death before a climatic battle with a muscle-bound boss character known as ‘Kid Xmas’. Its […]

I’ve completely lost count of how many teasers and trailers Capcom have put out for their forthcoming Ninja Theory developed Devil May Cry reboot. But guess what, here’s one more; but this one has the distinction of actually being totally CG – a plot primer of sorts for the events that will unfold during the game. Find it after the break.

Reflecting on the events of what has been a tumultuous 2012 in a ‘state of the Polytron‘ blog post, Fez designer Phil Fish let loose the little detail that his perspective switching platform adventure will land on other platforms sometime this year. Speaking on the matter, Fish says; “For one, FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms.  Yes, I’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an […]

At long last, Xbox 360 owners can experience life on the streets of Theftropolis, as 8-bit retro genre mash-up Retro City Rampage is due to release on Xbox Live Arcade next week, on January 2nd. The news comes straight from the horse’s mouth as it were as the game’s creator, Brian Provinciano, has also said that the game will launch on the PS3 and WiiWare in Europe and Asia at some point […]

Does Edge of Twilight seem familiar to you? It doesn’t to me, though given the amount of gaming-related stuff that has passed between its original announcement back in 2009 and my own decrepit and failing memory, this doesn’t come as any sort of a surprise. Billed as a steampunk adventure, Edge of Twilight is a game about two warring societies, light and dark with the main character Lex, irrecoverably caught […]

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