Army of Two, what a decisive franchise. I got into the series with The 40th Day and found it to be one of the absolute best and most fun pure action shooters of the entire generation so far. Going back and playing the first game left me with a bad taste in my mouth wondering how the hell it ever even GOT a second release. That said, I was kind […]

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Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkwawa has said that fans should expect a ‘special surprise’ to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the IP. Indeed, it was Shinkawa-san’s sketchy, brushstroke artistic stylings that have been synonymous with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. As far as the surprise goes, I don’t imagine it will be a new game or an HD update of the original or anything like that; but I will […]

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It looks like that Bethesda have been busy at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as the prolific publisher has just registered a trademark for the Fallout franchise to be used in “entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world,” according to the USPTO listing. I’m pretty sure that a weekly TV show chronicling the exploits of a naive Vault Dweller would be […]

Yes, it is true. The upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gearbox Software has gone gold and is getting ready to get stamped onto plastic discs to be sold for public consumption in a matter of weeks. Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to launch on February 12th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and will be available for $59.99. There’s still time to get a preorder in for the Aliens: Colonial […]

Ubisoft has today confirmed that the next entry in their Splinter Cell franchise, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, will endure a delay to August 20th, 2013; presumably to lavish a ton more polish (and hopefully a lot more stealth gameplay) onto the title. Coinciding with the delay, Ubisoft have also released a new trailer for the game which shows more of the stealthy good stuff than any piece of media released thus far for […]

In their latest issue, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has a multi-page feature spilling the details on Grasshopper Manufacture’s Killer is Dead; the next game from No More Heroes and Killer 7 director Goichi “Suda 51″ Suda. We’ve got all those juicy details for you after the break.

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With the release of Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, Gearbox Software has decided to extend the celebratory ‘Gear-Up Event’ until the 17th. This event allows players in True-Vault Hunter Mode to hunt varkids in various areas that have a greater chance to morph into Vermivorous the Invincible, a legendary enemy who has a high chance to drop a pretty epic Norfleet weapon.  To find out how long this event lasts down to the […]

So remember a few hours ago when Joe posted up about the beheaded zombie lady as a tie-in with Dead Island Riptide? Well the backlash against it has been harsh, and Deep Silver has issued an apology through Twitter. Check below for full details.

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It was only a matter of time until somebody else saw how much paper Activision‘s insanely successful Skylanders IP was making. And so here we are, with Disney hoping to carve themselves a piece of that very lucrative pie with their own cross-medium, parental financial guilt-trip, titled Disney Infinity. We’ve got more, including an announcement trailer, after the break.

At long last, Sega and Double Fine have confirmed that Ron Gilbert‘s charmingly brilliant platform puzzler, The Cave, will be released next week. Specifically, the game is due to hit North America on January 22nd and Europe on January 23rd, retailing for $14.99/ €12.99/£9.99 from the Playstation Network and the Wii U eShop. On January 23rd, the game makes its Steam debut for $14.99/ €12.99/£9.99, while the Xbox 360 version of the […]