It’s blue and orange. And foot-stompy.

From the makers of Super Stardust HD, Housemarque is bringing you a color-shifting platformer that will send you on an epic adventure to bring peace between Chaos and Balance. Shift Red to absorb red bullets and defeat blue enemies. Shift Blue to absorb blue bullets and defeat red enemies. Simple enough, right? Check out the reveal trailer. Yessss.

Let’s face it: You probably don’t know all the words to R.E.M.’s “The End of the World as You Know It.” That’s fine, neither do we. Thankfully, Harmonix is hooking us up with a cheat-sheet, so to speak, by putting that song along with other R.E.M. hits into the Rock Band series. Joining the jangle pop behemoths are glam rock titans T. Rex with a pack of their own.

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage is basically a version of Dynasty Warriors, except that it is amazing and ultra-manly, where you pummel dudes with your fists into liquefied opponent goo. Tecmo Koei has announced that the title will be available for 360 and PS3 on November 2nd.

Announced on the official Medal of Honor blog this morning, Executive Producer Greg Goodrich said that they would be changing the “Taliban” reference to a more friendly “Opposing Forces” tag for the multiplayer mode of the game. “We are making this change for the men and women serving in the military and for the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice — this franchise will never willfully disrespect, […]

With the fantastic announcement that Beyond Good & Evil is getting an HD facelift there has to be screens to speak the truth, right? Well, we’ve got ‘em! Thanks, Joystiq!

Not stopping at bringing you Mass Effect 2, oodles of DLC for it, and revealing Dragon Age 2, BioWare officially reveals the heavily rumored Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition. Basically, this Ultimate Edition of the game means that instead of paying $120 for each piece of content individually, you’ll instead get EVERYTHING in one neat little package.

Holy damn. Titles says it all.

IGN has an incredible interview with MTV’s Paul DeGooyer giving us a ton of insight about Harmonix’s upcoming opus, Rock Band 3. In the interview, DeGooyer talks about several aspects of the game from how and why the songs were chosen for the game as well as pricing for future downloadable content. With an enormous 2,000-song library, Harmonix have all but dominated the rhythm game scene with no end in […]

I gotta say, I may not be a huge PS3 shooter fan, but I can definitely admire the time and quality that’s going in to Insomniac’s Resistance 3. The game is looking excellent. All these are “unconfirmed” or whatever, but c’mon. Also, funnily enough, I grabbed them from the same Flickr account I nabbed the Batman: Arkham City screens from. Check out the images after the cut!

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