BandFuse seems to be taking quite a long time with very little information trickling out on an inconsistent basis, but I’m assured that once it’s on shelves, it will be awesome. Click here to check out the latest tidbit from the game, a demo of the game’s scale mode.

It’s wonderful when a company takes the time to listen to its community and even more so when they heed the advice of many to give back to the many. Ubisoft has heard your voices and implemented patch v1.05 for Far Cry 3 on all platforms to bring you the most up-to-date version of the game with some desired functionality and replay value. In fact, the patch not only affects […]

UPDATE: Eurogamer has clarified that that the second season of The Walking Dead will be out Autumn/Fall THIS year and not next.  Huzzah! ORIGINAL STORY: Telltale Games have said that they’re aiming to get Season Two of The Walking Dead into your hands in Autumn 2014. According to an article on Eurogamer, developer CEO Dan Connors said that ”We’re aiming for fall next year,” after the game scooped up the Best […]

Right, we’ve been here before haven’t we? The last time a bunch of registrations turned up for something Deus Ex related, it ended up being tied in with the forthcoming motion picture based on the franchise from CBS Films. Well now it seems that Square-Enix have registered three separate domains for something called Deus Ex: The Fall.  The domains are; , and Its possible that it could be a brand new […]

The final DLC expansion for Battlefield 3, titled Endgame, allows players to get to grips with a whole bunch of new vehicles, a quartet of new maps and two gameplay modes; Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. Probably the best thing of all that Endgame brings to the table are the dirtbikes; hugely zippy scrambler things that allow two players to dart about the map at speed and with bespoke […]

UPDATE #1 According to a statement received by Eurogamer just moments ago, the UI Lead developer at Dead Space codeshop Visceral Games, Dino Ignacio, has said that the  ”The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated,” and encouraged folks to “Please stand by.” Meanwhile, the US PR team for EA has stated that the report was  ”patently false”. More as we hear it. ORIGINAL STORY According to a report published by, […]

It’s a new month and Sony is changing up how they are going to handle their PS Plus announcements. Like Europe does, they’re going to announce all the big freebies set to hit this month. Unlike Europe, they aren’t actually telling us when they’re hitting, just that they are arriving sometime this month. This week’s freebie arrival, however, is known to be Spec Ops: The Line for the PS3. Later […]

If you’re a Resident Evil fan and you’re looking to erase that nasty taste of putrid bile that Resident Evil 6 left in your chewhole, than this thirty minute gameplay reveal of Resident Evil: Revelations HD, a high-definition port of the really quite decent 3DS game of the same name, could be just what the doctor ordered. You can catch the footage, courtesy of German gaming website Areavision, after the cut. It all […]

Ahead of its official reveal tomorrow, the debut teaser trailer for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has been leaked and can be seen after the break in all its CG, gameplay-hiding glory. Crucially, the trailer confirms three things. Firstly, the new character that gamers will have to get to grips with is none other than Edward Kenway; the grandfather of Assassins Creed 3 main character Connor. Secondly, its coming to […]

Insomniac Games have dropped four character focused trailers for their upcoming squad based co-op shooter Fuse onto the intertubes for all to see. To say that they focus on the ‘characters’ is a bit disingenuous I think given how shallow and archetypal they appear to be on first glance, but nevertheless these four videos give our greatest insight into the game that we have seen thus far.  More specifically, they show off the exclusive powers that each […]