Metro: Last Light, the sequel to the rather decent Metro 2033 developed by Ukrainian codeshop 4A games, was shown just a few months ago at E3; showcasing some gameplay from the anticipated shooter.  While some of the footage from that demonstration has gotten out, it hasn’t been the full, uncut article. Until now.

We all expected it, now EA has finally come out and confirmed that the apparent leak which occurred a few days ago regarding beta access for the yet-to-be-announced Battlefield 4, was in fact completely true and that the game itself is a real thing.  Its so real in fact, that it’s happening sometime in ‘Fall 2013′ – meaning that the title likely won’t see a release until at least early 2014.

Over the weekend, an intriguing little rumour had come to pass; namely that Sega had prepped Sonic Adventure 2 for release on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Today, Sega are dumping a truckload of fuel on the rumour fire by confirming that the sequel to the first-party Dreamcast title, will in fact make it’s bow on the aforementioned services on October 3rd this year.

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At the latest panel on Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Superbot Games announced Jak and Daxter and Cole McGrath as playable characters. Also, each character in the game will have their own story, ending, and “rivalry” according to Hamza Aziz from Destructoid. More characters will be announced at Gamescom next month. Hit the jump to see the new characters in action.

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A teaser website was put up earlier today for a Deadpool video game created by High Moon Studios, creators of the recent Transformers games. Later, IGN released the first trailer, featuring plenty of guns, goofs, and Deadpool’s classic insanity. No other information has been announced, but I sure hope Taskmaster’s gonna be in it.

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Creeping out of this year’s Comic-Con is a new trailer for Capcom’s forthcoming straight to DVD and Blu-Ray CG movie, Resident Evil: Damnation.

Continuing the trend of popular scrapping franchises being adapted to the small-screen, comes the news from Comic-Con that Capcom USA and the superbly named Assassins Fist Limited, have put ink to paper to create a brand new Street Fighter TV series for the small screen.

If you have just about any smartphone or tablet, then you’ve probably at least played the demo for Angry Birds. Even if you don’t you might have tried it on your browser. Well, this Xmas, you will be able to play it on your PS3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo 3DS.

It’s probably no secret that I am a huge fan of the Rock Band series. Hell, it seems like most of the time, I’m only contributing news that is related to Rock Band or another rhythm game.  Last night, @RockBand tweeted asking if anyone was up to doing some math to figure out how much all of the hardware, DLC, and games would cost. I have no idea why, but […]

For an overwhelming dose of awesomeness, hit the link, and watch the cast of Borderlands 2 blow lots and lots of stuff up to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“. Well, at least it isn’t dubstep, right?