Yesterday, we took a look at some of the cheaper Fighting Sticks available on the market from Hori, but hardcore fighting games might want to something a little more robust and something that’s Wired, a requirement for Tournament play. We couldn’t leave those amongst you who that describes hanging, so we managed to nab one of Hori’s higher-end sticks to look at. Clocking in at around the $100 or £90 […]

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a FightStick junkie. My addiction only began with the relatively recent release of Super Street Fighter IV, but in no time at all I’ve somehow managed to accrue a ridiculous number of arcade FightSticks from a variety of manufacturers, and so I jumped at the chance when Hori offered me the chance to look at the Hori Wireless Fighting Stick 3 for […]

Panels. The planks of tomorrow. Valve has sent word from Aperture Science, showing off a series of videos that showcase the unique products that Aperture can offer.

Do you like free things? Of course you do. Telltale has signed a deal with Netflix, where if you sign up for it, you get the full season of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse with it. Movies and video games, in one sweet package.

Genre: First-Person Shooter| Developer: Kaos Games | Publisher: THQ Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 | Players: 1 (Online 32) | Rating: M (Mature) Homefront‘s story is at moments a triumph, a slashy-but-interesting vision of an America that ends up oppressed and controlled — but at other times it turns out to be a damning indictment of the limitations of action games in their ability to tell story.

Oh the days when all you had to do was put another dime in the jukebox (baby). Well, Harmonix are bringing it back by presenting the I Love Rock and Roll Rock Band Battle!

When Grand Theft Auto IV was out in 2008, it got a fancy schmancy Collector’s Edition, but Rockstar passed it up with Red Dead Redemption and it seems they’ll be doing the same when L.A. Noire comes out on May 17th for 360 and PS3. The only extra content that will be available is whatever pre-order bonus you get from certain retailers. Also, take note that all the pre-order content […]

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Remember all the rumors about a new “Arrival” (I am so sorry) of Mass Effect 2 DLC some time ago? Well EA has officially announced it, along with releasing some pretty juicy details.

Pax East happened last weekend, but not a lot of new announcements came out. From what I’ve heard it was more of a celebration of gaming in general, rather than a huge announce-a-fest. Still, a new Duke Nukem Forever gameplay trailer was released offering footage shown on the convention floor. All I have to say is that yes, it’s Duke Nukem alright. Complete with twin lesbians in school-girl outfits. Enjoy.

[UPDATE]: Now officially announced by Double Fine. More details after the cut. Double Fine‘s latest foray into the world of downloadable games Stacking was well received by both Herman here at The Gaming Vault and the overall gaming public at large. And much like Costume Quest before it, Stacking is getting some extra love with the addition of DLC, under the title “The Lost Hobo King“. How was it leaked, […]

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