It’s just a gallery day, innit? Check out this badass concept art from Grasshopper Manufacture for Shadows of the DAMNED, the Shinji Mikami/Goichi Suda tag-team effort sure to make you wet your bed at night come June 7th. Nightmare fuel, hoooooooo!

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Damn yeah. Valve has finally revealed just how Steam is going to function on the PS3.

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We haven’t reported too much on Konami‘s clever title, NeverDead, but I’ve been following it on my own time and I have to say that I am way, way excited. Basically, you are an immortal dude named Bryce Boltzmann and you get to fight demons. The cool part is that you can remove your own limbs in kooky manners slay said demons. For example, you can get something huge dropped […]

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Crystal Dynamics did a really great job giving the great Tomb Raider games an HD facelift. Now that same HD facelift is coming to you for a discount via Amazon.

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Surely, everyone was a bit surprised when Chuck Greene was announced as the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, even as far back as Case Zero, the pay-to-play “demo.” We all saw Frank West return for Case West, alongside dutiful daddy Chuck Greene, but our camera-toting hero was still only the protagonist in the first Dead Rising and not the second. Until now, that is. In a typical move by Capcom, […]

You lucky PS3 players, you! The Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller is on sale for cheap via! How cheap? $88.79 cheap! And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can snag it with free shipping! That’s a savings of over $60 on just the instrument alone. Rockers looking for a MIDI instrument might want to jump on the deal, too, because you probably won’t find a […]

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Still, pieces of truth to the rumored Rock Band 3 DLC trickle in as Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac both get confirmed songs next week in a six-pack of good classic rockin’. All songs, as always, feature tiny plastic instrument support, harmonies, keys and PRO Keys where applicable and there are even a couple with PRO Guitar upgrades! Make sure to grab ‘em when they come out next Tuesday, April […]

Sega released a trailer today for a new Sonic game due out this year, aimed at celebrating 20 years of the hedgehog’s legacy. In it, we see Sonic as we know him today racing across a familiar landscape, before being joined by… wait a minute… is that old Sonic?! Hell yes it is!

If you’ve been a patient boy or girl and haven’t grabbed Rock Band 3 yet, now just might be the time to do it. Why? Because the game is now $20 wherever you go.

Genre: Action Puzzler | Developer: Hothead Games | Publisher: Ignition Entertainment Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 | Players: 1 | Rating: E | Release: Out Now Swarm made me realize something I’d never thought about before. In video games, the old adage of safety in numbers just doesn’t always add up. Pikmin survive, but many are slaughtered carrying out Captain Olimar’s orders, while Lemmings – well, we all know how things […]