Excited for Borderlands 2? Of course you are. So are Maliwan, Tediore, and Vladof, because they want to show you exactly what you’re working with come September 18th. Check out the three quick-shot trailers to decide which company you’ll be loyal to.

I don’t believe for one second the guy narrating this trailer didn’t say the game’s title enough. A new trailer for Paradox Interactive‘s A Game of Dwarves is upon us! Reinforce your underground kingdom for your small-yet-mighty bearded dudes (all dwarves have beards, it’s a fact) from fiendish creatures lurking underground, but don’t forget to feed ‘em and give ‘em nice things so that you can be a pretty rad […]

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In case you didn’t know, Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS which has thousands upon thousands of folk blasting the bejeezus out of each other in the name of an intergalactic land-grab. To celebrate its open beta status, developers Sony Online Entertainment have released a Gamescom gameplay trailer showing off the massive battles and persistent conflict which will arguably be Planetside 2′s hallmark and primary lure.

Fanboys have been in a bit of a tizzy since the re-release of Final Fantasy VII on the PC. Mind you, it’s merely a re-release. Nothing about the game has been updated, aside from the fact that there are achievements now. And they’re all awful. Every single one of them.

You hear that ladies and gentlemen?  That is the sound of silence.  If you keenly listen out even more you’ll hear a slight ringing, almost like a broken, intermittent echo. Do you know what that sound is? Its the sound of anticipated potential being mercilessly destroyed by profound disappointment as EA today have confirmed that Command & Conquer Generals 2 will not only be going free-to-play, but that the single-player […]

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With all the Gamescom hubbub caressing our eyes and raging in our ears, it can be quite easy to miss the smaller, less trumpeted things. One such instance of this coming to pass, was the announcement of a new Cyberpunk, Martian RPG for PC, PSN and XBLA.

A lot folks were concerned and understandably so, when at E3 2012, Dead Space 3 shed its horror-tension roots for something a little more, well, blasty and uninspired. Granted, there’s nothing terribly inspired about having a third-person horror shooter that relies on tension either, but the mere fact that very few games successfully pull it off these days, is enough of a reason to check out those games that at least […]

After a leaked PEGI rating suggested that the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII, with added achievements among other things, would be out today, comes the official confirmation from Square-Enix that the game is available to buy from their store RIGHT NOW. European buyers can grab the game here at the reduced price of €9.99 / £7.99 for a limited period only. The offer ends on September 12th where the price […]

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With Capcom‘s finger firmly depressed on the ‘Make Trailer’ button at Gamescom today, it should come as little surprise that Resident Evil 6 would get the trailer treatment too.

Just a few minutes ago, Capcom released a brand new trailer for Lost Planet 3.