I’m not one to merely sing the praises of graphics like they’re the only driving force behind a game’s quality, but suffice to say that this generation of games has allowed for some pretty impressive visual material. Games are looking more realistic than we could have ever dreamed of. Each year, it seems like there are greater advances in visual technology, and the growth continues to inspire new vistas and […]

So as the year draws to a close, this is usually the time where gamers and gaming sites like to draw up end-year awards. Us? Maybe. I’m not personally going to be handling the big stuff like the GOTY itself. Instead, I’ll be handling a few “off the wall”-ish categories, starting with the games that came out of nowhere and surprised me.

I’m not going to outright review Saints Row: The Third, but if I had to give it a score, it would be a 7: Riotous fun at the best of times, a painstaking hassle at the worst. Overall, however, it’s good enough for me to continually support this game in the hopes that the series will take a right turn next time. But that is the future, and for now, […]

Genre: Action/Adventure | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC | Players: 1 Local/16 Online | Rating: M (Mature) Ubisoft Montreal is listed as the developer on most official literature for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, though the game in truth was developed by a much larger crew, with Ubisoft Annecy, Massive, Quebec, Singapore and Bucharest all credited with having contributed to the game – meaning a hell of […]

Genre: Tower Defense/Action RPG | Developer: Trendy Entertainment Publisher: Reverb Communications | Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC Players: 1-4 Local/Online | Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Up) A long time ago in a land far, far away, some bad guy did something bad, as bad guys tend to do. Four nicely distinctive heroes saved the day and disappeared, as heroes should have more sense than to do. More time passed, and […]

Love Skyrim but hate spiders? Well the mod world has you covered, change those creepy eight-legged abominations into strange bipedal bears with a simple download! Better textures, less blocky faces and enhanced performance are just a few of the mods that have come out so far to make the awesome experience of Skyrim even better. Head on over to PC Gamer for their list of the 10 best options so […]

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Well, it seems like the hackers finally snagged some prized game. Earlier today, prominent digital distribution service Steam was hacked following an attack on the Steam Users’ Forums. News of this hack was released in a statement by Valve head Gabe Newell via the Steam service itself.

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Is paying for cheat codes better than not having any at all? Today Capcom released two DLC packs for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: The GameBreaker and Fireman Skills Packs. The former pack adds cheat codes to the Dead Rising 2 add-on.

Head’s up, people! Big releases coming at you tomorrow, including heavy hitters from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal, and Snowblind Studios. For a full list and convenient purchasing links via Amazon, check behind the cut!

Steam is ready to scare your pants off several times this Halloween. Don’t believe me? Check out Steams current Halloween sale and brace yourself for one scary Halloween. Full gamelist and pricing after the jump!

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