Ahead of its official reveal tomorrow, the debut teaser trailer for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has been leaked and can be seen after the break in all its CG, gameplay-hiding glory. Crucially, the trailer confirms three things. Firstly, the new character that gamers will have to get to grips with is none other than Edward Kenway; the grandfather of Assassins Creed 3 main character Connor. Secondly, its coming to […]

Earlier on the week, Square-Enix registered a trademark for ‘Deus Ex: Human Defiance‘ that got gamers around the web, including yours truly, embarrassingly moist with  naive and giddy anticipation that an announcement of a new game in the sci-fi series was nigh. As it turns out, according to this domain registration by CBS Films (the folks who are attached to produce the recently revealed live action film), Deus Ex: Human Defiance is the name […]

State of Decay is not your everyday zombie blaster. A downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade and PC whose lofty ambitions embolden it beyond its perceived destination platform, State of Decay is a CryEngine 3 powered, open-world zombie action title where the player is encouraged to formulate their own zombie survival plans and put them to the test.  And by ‘zombie survival’ they mean more than just knowing where the ammo and conveniently placed first […]

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Looks like it’ll be a few more months of waiting to get Metro: Last Light into store shelves, now from Deep Silver instead of THQ since they died and all. The news was confirmed over on the Metro Facebook page saying the extra few months “will go towards a final layer of polish, in order to provide fans of mature and atmospheric first-person shooters with the best possible single-player experience […]

After promotional details for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag spilled all over the interwebs yesterday, Ubisoft has today confirmed that the next core entry in the Assassins Creed series will be announced on Monday March 4th at 5pm GMT. A number of journalists have already been to a Ubisoft hosted event in London to play the game. Little else is known about the game other than the fact that officially released packshots […]

At this year’s PAX East event in Boston, which is scheduled to run from March 22nd to March 24th, Capcom has been dropping hints that they will announce two, never-before-seen games at the event. The publisher is set to announce the two new games at their “World of Capcom” panel which will take place on Friday, March 22nd in the Exhibition Center’s Pheonix Room. Rival Schools 3 and Resident Evil […]

Capcom has today announced that DONTNOD Entertainment‘s superb looking sci-fi action game, Remember Me, will arrive in North America on June 4th in North America and three days later throughout Europe on June 7th. The game will be available on 360, PS3 and PC platforms. And just to ram the point home further, Capcom have concocted an easy-on-the-eyes release date trailer that you can catch after the jump. Are you excited for […]

Larian Studios, the developer behind the Divinity franchise of RPG‘s has unleashed a trailer for their forthcoming strategy take on the series, Divinity: Dragon Commander. Set as a prequel to the first game in the series, Divine Divinity, Dragon Commander immerses you in a gargantuan war underpinned by political manoeuvring, real-time battles, deep strategy and third-person action gameplay. It all looks really quite decent indeed and certainly seems to be a […]

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The promising looking downloadable Martian cyberpunk downloadable title from Focus Home Interactive, Mars: Wars Logs, just got a little more promising. The publisher has just released a combat focused trailer for the game and as well as showcasing stealthy approaches juxtaposed against  more brute force style tactics, the video also sheds some light on the various skill trees that you can pile action-RPG esque experience points into.  The video also […]

It’ll soon be time for the industry vultures to have a second go at stripping the meat off the bones of THQ, as the administrators for the company have confirmed that the former publisher will attempt to sell off all of its remaining IP at a court-supervised auction on April 1st. The IP sale has been sliced up into the six tasty morsels; Red Faction, Homeworld, MX, Darksiders, other owned […]