A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by Reddit user subpardave has resulted in SEGA Europe agreeing to add disclaimers to trailers for the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines, making the acknowledgement that they are not accurate and do not reflect the final game. In a e-mail to the ASA, the disgruntled user placed emphasis on what he outlined as the “absurd” difference between the “in-game” and “playthrough” footage that SEGA utilised to market the […]

With everybody owning mobile devices, going mobile is the new trend these days. From children using tablets for school works to housewives using their mobile gadgets to keep up with their house chores, the mobile trend has shaken several “traditional” online activities like online gambling (bingo and casino) and made these sites to act fast and to hold on their position as still the best place for casino gambling experience. […]

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The Creative Assembly, the codehouse behind the excellent Total War games, has at last decided to dip their strategic toes in MOBA flavoured free-to-play waters. The game that they’ve announced to spearhead this approach is Total War: Arena in which the gamer will ”pitch history’s greatest commanders and their armies against each other in massive team-based battles”, according to the recently released announcement. Entirely based online, the game aims to combine the hallmark […]

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When the Darksiders IP comes up for auction on April 1st, Crytek will be bidding for it according to a tweet made by Crytek USA head-honcho David Adams.

Bioware has today confirmed that both Dragon Age 3 : Inquisition and the new Mass Effect will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine; the very same engine that lurks under the hood of the newly announced Battlefield 4.

Being one of the first successfully funded gaming Kickstarters out there, Double Fine have christened the game with a title; Broken Age, and have dropped the first teaser trailer for the point and click title. An errie teaser with a distinctly melancholy vibe, the video not only gives the game’s compelling hard-crafted art style a good airing, but also serves to provide a brief overview of the premise too.  Centering around […]

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After teasing for months that their episodic game based on DC Comics series Fables would be next after their stellar inaugural season of The Walking Dead, developers Telltale Games we now have a title, platforms and a release date. The game  is called The Wolf Among Us and takes place prior to the Fables comics that its based on.  In the Telltale episodic adaptation, players will step into the furry shoes of […]

The excellent and emotionally intense PSN puzzle platformer Papo & Yo will arrive on Steam this April 18th according to Vander Caballero who spilled the beans to Game Informer at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The story of Papo & Yo is an allegorical one as its yarn concerns a boy called Quico and his friend, Monster, who has craving for devouring poisonous frogs.  When he does chow down on one of […]

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Rockstar have just unleashed a fresh new batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5. We’ve got them all for you after the break and they are pretty impressive to say the least; showing off everything from dynamic weather conditions (storms!) to folks hanging off of cars and deep underwater scuba-diving. From just a general visual fidelity point of view, I still remain shocked that this isn’t planned for a […]

On first pass, Battlefield 4 seems depressingly like business as usual for the next iteration in the Battlefield series; a franchise that has notably been awarded its own, gold-crusted bi-yearly spot on EA’s FPS conveyor belt.  With the exception of those explosions.  Those explosions look mighty nice and all fancy looking.