How about that? Someone is actually doing a Kickstarter for a new Road Rash type game for PC, Mac and Linux!  Well, EA aren’t going to do anything with their asses sat on the license are they? Titled Road Redemption, the developers, DarkSeas Games want just $160,000 to make this game a reality. As of writing they’re currently sat on $4,768.  Do you understand what I am saying to you? […]

This weeks Indie Royale bundle features 5 games and 2 soundtracks, all for a ridiculously low price. This offering includes: Knytt Underground, The Real Texas (and OST), Monday Night Combat, SATAZIUS and Gentrieve 2 (and OST). Monday Night Combat and SATAZIUS are for Steam the rest for Desura. As always paying more than $8 gets you a full album, Adventures in Pixels by Ben Landis.

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The Knife of Dunwall, the single-player DLC for last year’s critical darling Dishonored, has received a gameplay trailer today courtesy of publisher Bethesda. Sticking players in the villainous shoes of the Daud, the titular assassin, it shows off not only the new locales that you’ll be murdering around in but also how your fellow AI companion assassins take care of business as well. Take a look.

“THE APOCALYPSE HAS HAD AN APOCALYPSE”, booms the gleefully OTT narrator on the debut trailer for Ubisoft‘s forthcoming Far Cry 3 spin-off, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Doused in 80′s sci-fi neon and a veneer of dodgy VHS effects, the game casts the player as one Sergeant Rex Powercolt (voiced by 80′s sci-fi icon Michael Biehn no less), who has the unenviable task of defeating a massive robot army hellbent on ending the […]

Warner Bros.  has today confirmed what many had suspected; Batman Arkham Origins is a real thing and that its destined for release on Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3 and Wii U. No details regarding a next-generation console release were shared.

Those nice people at Amazon (the website – not the rain forest) have got a few decent gaming sales happening from now until April 14th at 11:59pm PDT. I wouldn’t say the deals are staggering, but there’s still a nice selection of titles to peruse and grab up for anywhere between 10% and 80% off. “But wait!” you might say. “80% off is DEFINITELY what I would call staggering!” Well, you […]

Originally announced back in 2008, Ride to Hell was publisher Deep Silver‘s crack at creating an open-world biker game, but since then, very little was heard about it until recently. Now back in the public view, Deep Silver has brought not just one biker game to the table, but three; all spread between full retail, downloadable and mobile platforms.

Six screenshots for what is thought to be a standalone continuation to last year’s excellent Far Cry 3, have just surfaced on the interwebs. Spotted by All Games Beta, the screenies for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon show off a neon-drenched, over-blown post-apocalyptic setting and should set minds to rest who may have thought that the game would ditch the first person perspective in favour of being a side-scroller or something similar. Ubisoft for […]

With the June release date for the Capcom published Remember Me drawing ever closer, developer DONTNOD Entertainment have just released a new trailer for the game. Focusing more on the combat elements of the game, the video serves to showcase the variety of different enemies that you’ll encounter throughout the game. Just a heads up; the trailer also contains copious amounts of dubstep too. Catch it all after the cut.

In a report run by Eurogamer, Bethesda has apparently confirmed that a “new version” of the long-in-development Doom 4 is planned for next-generation consoles and that Rage 2 has been canned with all staff at id Software now working full-time on the troubled title. The actual release date of the game is still not known as according to sources who have spoken with Kotaku, the game underwent a sizeable reboot […]