EA and Bioware have today announced that troubled MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, will receive its first expansion in Spring 2013. Want the dirty details?  Of course you do.  We’ve got them for you after the jump.

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I’ll make this short and sweet. Borderlands 2 won G4′s Video Game Deathmatch 2012. In fact, with G4 dissolving shortly, I guess it’s the final winner of G4′s Video Game Deathmatch period! Congrats to Gearbox for the victory and since Gearbox is awesome, they decided to reward their players with some more of those delicious Golden Keys! PC / Mac: WT5TB-XC5ZC-CX3T3-BBT3B-B35WB Xbox 360: W3KTJ-FZ9CS-XS6BR-K6JJ3-XCFXT PlayStation 3: WTWBJ-HKZ9C-TCCWB-ZT5JJ-6HRZS Even better? Each […]

Do you like money? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to give it all to Square-Enix this holiday season. For the next couple weeks, until January 2, they are chopping their prices in half for near every game available in their online store. Even the brand new Hitman: Absolution is included in the sale, for $39.99 on all platforms. It’s not quite 50%, but you can’t really complain about […]

Cryptic, the developers of the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter, have released a new trailer for the game. Besides showing us a new region of the world that we haven’t seen before, the trailer also showcases a great deal of the combat system; illustrating some impressive looking melee and spell battles. We’ve got the trailer for you after the break.  Give it a watch.

PC owners who have felt left out by the love that DmC has been getting on the console formats (you should, as its bloody brilliant), need not fear exclusion any more as Capcom have confirmed through their Capcom Unity blog that the PC version of the Devil May Cry reboot will arrive on January 25th, 2013. The console versions are still scheduled for release ten days earlier on January 15th. As well as being compatible with USB pad controllers, the PC […]

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EA have today released a trailer for next year’s Dead Space 3, this time showing off the co-op elements of the third-person horror shooter. The company has also confirmed that the game will feature Kinect voice commands, which roughly only two people in the whole world will actually care about. Anyhow, lingering yonder after the jump you’ll find the aforementioned trailer; jam-packed with atmospheric horror shooter goodness.

Well thank Cthulu this didn’t come to pass. It’s come to light that Slant Six, developer of the abysmal Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City had been working on Star Wars: Battlefront Online for Lucasarts back in the mists of 2010. The project, originally destined for PS3 and 360 platforms was given the boot by Lucasarts before it ever saw the light of day; a good thing considering how badly the developer butchered Resident Evil: […]

Praise be to the heavens above, Irrational Games and Ken Levine have listened to the outpouring to complaints that came when they revealed their Bro-Tastic artwork for Bioshock Infinite. First, they admitted the artwork was made to cater to frat boys and the non-hardcore gamers. Now they’ve gone a step further by allowing fans to choose the artwork for the reverse side of the retail artwork. In my humble opinion, […]

THQ and developer 4A Games have just popped out a new trailer for their forthcoming sequel to the criminally underrated Metro 2033. Looking every bit as atmospheric as the original and with visuals to die for, Metro: Last Light certainly looks like it’ll be one of 2013′s darkest horses. Embrace the gameplay trailer powered brilliance after the jump.

Space Hulk, the boardgame spin-off of Warhammer 40,000 is due to be revitalised sometime next year as a videogame for PC, Mac and iOS platforms. Developed by Full Control and published by Games Workshop, Space Hulk will be a much more traditional adaptation of the board game and will feature turn-based strategy and tactics rather than the first-person tactical viscera as seen in EA‘s rather decent stab at the license back in 1995 […]