If you backed the new Android-console Ouya on Kickstarter, your fancy console will be shipping March 28th. Additionally they’ve announced that Kellee Santiago, one of the cofounders of thatgamecompany, has joined their team as some sort of developer outreach person. They’re calling her Ouya’s Developer’s Best Friend. If you didn’t back the project and still want one they’re going to become available for retail in June.

If the sudden implosion and resurrection of OnLive these past couple of weeks have given you pause for thought as to the viability of cloud gaming, it seemingly hasn’t affected the perceptions of Square-Enix, as the Japanese publisher will shortly be launching a cloud gaming service of their own, known as ‘Core Online‘.

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For gamers looking for performance and affordability (what I like to call “performability”), the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti represents the ultimate “sweet spot” for anybody looking to upgrade their rigs. With almost double the performance than the previous-generation, up to 2x better power efficiency than its predecessors, supporting NVIDIA 3-way SLI® offering amazing performance scaling across three GPUs, and ORIGIN PC Professional GPU Overclocking, the NVIDIA 660 Ti offers […]

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Just a few weeks ago, competing cloud gaming service Gaikai had found itself under the wing of Sony to the tune of a cool $380 million; leaving observers to question where OnLive would make its home. Well, one place that you’ll certainly see OnLive is on the Android powered Ouya home console, since a deal has been reached between Onlive and Ouya; a hardware venture funded through the popular crowd […]

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Ahh April 1st, you bring out the troll in everyone, whether it’s a simple “Look over there!” trick to lying about that prostitute you met in Vegas, what do you mean that wasn’t a joke? Stop laughing! Anyway, April Fool’s Day can bring out the worst in us all. Over the years, it has become an international internet holiday in which many companies “announce” new products such as the “Vintage […]

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Real talk: The next iteration of the Xbox console, currently called the Xbox 720 among the crowd, will be six times as powerful as the current Xbox 360.

Hyperkin‘s Game Genie for various platforms will be leading the way for the company with a strong lineup of both hardware and software enhancements at CES 2012 next week. Check behind the cut for a full list of all the goodies Hyperkin will be showing off and salivate at the possibilities which they have brought to us.

The Holiday season can be quite a stressful time – least of all because picking up correct presents whilst keeping them a surprise in time for Christmas day can be a real pain. We’re hiting that mid-December time now when people are panicking – and it’s especially hard when you’re trying to buy a gift for the gamer that has everything. Here’s our idea of some gifts that aren’t discs-in-boxes […]

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Oh man. If you haven’t made the jump to HD yet or are in the market for a bigger TV, this might be the deal for you. There’s a 46″ Dynex HD TV on sale at Best Buy for only $399 with free shipping. Should that sell out, there’s an alternate SKU available for purchase. It seems like there are few downsides to this purchase, like the one HDMI input, […]

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Attention skyrimmers! Have you ever stood up after a hearty eight hour session of Skyrim and thought to yourself: “This game needs to be even more immersive”. Well now you’re in luck, because the mod community has provided Skyrim with a Kinect mod that adds one to one motion control movement, as well as voice commands. YouTube user KinectFAAST (definitely living up to his name considering the game’s only been […]