There’s something about RC car racing games that I just love. Maybe it’s my childhood memories of always getting RC cars for birthdays. Either way, here’s a a rare gem from the year 2000 for PC, Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. This is Stunt GP created by Team 7!

Rapid fire turbo buttons, a slimmer and more confortable grip and an adjustable analog stick gives this controller standing ovations all across the globe! It was created for Bomberman Hero in Japan by Hudson, but can be used for many other games. The Joycard 64 has a adjustable pressure sensitive joystick where you can adjust sensitivity on the fly, giving this controller a unique setup for any gamer. Get your […]

Currently spanning twenty gloriously speedy games, I decided to start my review of a classic racer—Road & Track Present The Need For Speed for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft DOS! Enjoy the review!

Hey, friends! Today I am taking a closer look at a very underrated racing game for 360 and Windows PC, Flatout Ultimate Carnage. I break this game down and show you all the game modes as well as gameplay! This game combines everything you love about Burnout and Destruction Derby. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Hello everybody, nice to see you all again! I am back with a review of a classic ATV racing game ATV Off Road Fury for Playstation 2! With all the hype over Mario’s 25th Anniversary most people forgot about the PS2 celebrating 10 years in our game rooms. This was the first game I ever played for PS2, so join me as we take a trip back in time. To […]

Hello and welcome friends to The EMU Review! To celebrate the NES turning 25 I decided to put together my first ever top 20 list! This video showcases my top 20 all time favorite games for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Enjoy the show!

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Hello again friends. Today I am taking a closer look at a fun little gem called Captain Skyhawk! Here is a great game developed by Rare and features top down forward scrolling, isometric graphics and gameplay for days. This game alsways seems to catch people by suprise as people say “I didn’t know this game existed” or “Rare did this one?” so I wanted to bring it out for your […]

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Hello everyone, Jason Heine here! This is a spur of the moment review of the “in room gamecube service” provided by “Lodgenet” while I was traveling to my hometown Portland Oregon. These are found in hotel/motel rooms all over the world! Before these are obsolete I wanted to do a review on it. Have you guys ever played these or seen these before?

Hello friends, Jason Heine here with a fun little gem from back in the day! This is one of the best 2 player coop war shooters i’ve played (on the NES). This is the classic “Jackal” done by Konami in 1988. Enjoy the show everyone!

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Hello again, friends here at TGV. Today, I’m taking a look at Capcom’s biggest and most successful franchise. There have been so many games that hold a shining star in my eye when it comes to platformers. Mega Man had become so many different things throughout the years, so to give us a look back to what it once was, I present you “Mega Man” for the NES. Enjoy the […]

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