Long title, right? But I don’t care. EarthBound is FINALLY coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this year! I’ve been waiting years for this news and I will shout it to the heavens because it’s really happening! No rumor, no speculation, it was announced officially during this morning’s Nintendo Direct press event that it is fact and it is happening later this year. Sadly, no confirmed date yet aside […]

All that needs to be said is that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the PSone classic RPG from 2000, is coming to the PlayStation Network tomorrow for $9.99. You need to buy it. Thank you, ATLUS.

In the run up to their 2013 Playstation Event this Wednesday, Sony have  been periodically releasing overview videos, each succinctly chronicling the PSone, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 home consoles. With the nostalgia pangs coming hard and heavy with the original Playstation overview video, what are your favorite memories of the brand as we build up to the announcement of a fourth generation Playstation? We’ve got all three videos for you after the […]

Episode 2 is here! You know, for all of the reader that checked out the first episode… And look! We have a fancy banner thanks to Randall Drew of Rkdia Comics! He did this week’s video image as well. Episode 2: On Location with Youth Large sees the crew recording on location at The Video Game Store in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA. Small (Tim) was working, so why not, right? […]

Oh hell yeah! Retro arcade action is where it’s at in my eyes and we’re about to get another nice dosage of it starting on February 19th for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and going through April! Capcom Arcade Cabinet takes a handful of Capcom arcade classics from the 1980′s and updates them with online play, achievements & trophies, leaderboards, and unlockables! The games will release in packs of three […]

By now, we’ve all heard about the Famicom 30th Anniversary event going on with the Wii U Virtual Console. Each month, a select Virtual Console game will be getting a 30 day sale price of only 30 cents. As noted last week, Balloon Fight is available right now on the Wii U for only 30 cents and we will see more games for the next few months. Here’s the official […]

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Yeah that’s right, you can now play Dune 2 without having to keep around an archaic floppy disk, or the 3 pound drive to run it! It’s now free to play on the interwebs! Woo! Dune 2 is a Westwood Studios developed game, that was released by Virgin Interactive in 1992. It is known for being the archetypal RTS. According to Joystiq, an open-source version of the game has now […]

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Sales are always good way to nourish the soul I think.  Y’know how it is; you’ve had a crappy week, work has been stressful, you’re no longer rolling around  in the greens because of bills and other expenses and yet, you still fancy playing something fresh to keep your mind off it all. To the rescue then come GOG.com, with 50% discounts off the site’s entire Interplay catalog and 80% discount off […]

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According to XBLA enthusiast Sacra, a triumvirate of crusty Sega fighting games are due to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade  sometime in the near future. The wrinkly brawlers in question are Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic The Fighters and have been outed by European ratings boards listings which were submitted a couple of weeks ago. Read more on this after the jump.

Veeeeeeeeeery interesting. Very, very interesting. Sibling development duo Javier Cabrera and Carlos Cabrera have crafted a page out of gaming history with a modern twist. In the days of yore, text adventures were about the only way to get your jollies on a computer, very often ending in you being consumed by a fearsome grue coming from the blackness. CYPHER takes a serious look into the past to build a […]

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