While not exactly news, this is pretty adorable. A daughter asked her dad why she couldn’t play as Pauline in Donkey Kong and save Mario, so naturally, the father did the obvious thing and hacked the game to let her do so. He redrew the frames for the characters to give them appropriate walk cycles (especially since Mario doesn’t come with a ‘thrown over Donkey Kong’s shoulder’ animation) and changed […]

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VaultCast? What the hell is that?? Let me share the knowledge. The SML VaultCast is a podcast that I have started up with my friends Tim Robinson and Jason “Boge” Bogert. It will be a weekly release with unique themes and general fun times for all. The SML stands for Small, Medium, and Large, because when you place Tim, Boge, and myself next to each other, those are our sizes. […]

Gingerbread gaming cookies.

Check out this fantastic, if not a wee bit sentimental video compilation by Rob Beschizza of BoingBoing showing off the wide range of deaths players can experience in the world of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. I think I almost shed a tear on a number of these clips, mostly because it brought back a lot of nostalgia when I was in the arcade and using up the last credit in […]

SEGA’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog will be celebrating his 20th anniversary on June 23, 2011. The blue blur was first introduced on the SEGA Mega Drive console in 1991 to give the teenagers a hipper, more “down with da kidz”-style mascot to counter Nintendo’s Mario.

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X-Men Arcade has been set for a date of December 14th for the PlayStation Network and December 15th for Xbox LIVE Arcade, priced at $9.99 and 800 MSP, respectively. So there you have it — next week, $10. Thanks, Kotaku.

If it wasn’t on like Donkey Kong, it sure is now.

The boys at tomfoolerypictures have done something incredible that even Daniel Day-Lewis would be proud of. Crafted for Empire Magazine’s “Done in 60 Seconds” competition, the minute-long video depicts all the tension and drama without eating up almost three hours of your time. Everything about this is so right.

Re-release of Dreamcast’s Crazy Taxi? Yes, please. SEGA of both Europe and America announced today that the long-beloved Crazy Taxi is getting an HD facelift and going to be hitting your 360s and PS3s as an XBLA/PSN game.

Oh, the days of our ventures in Red, Blue and Yellow where rumors were abound that we could get the ever-so-secret 151st Pokémon using Surf and subsequently Strength on a truck in the middle of nowhere. Such was an excellently crafted gag by Game Freak’s Shigeki Morimoto.