The Legend of Zelda series has been going quite strong for the past 20 years, ever since The Legend of Zelda first debuted on the NES in 1986. Yet for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten over the series, I have to admit one thing: there’s not a lot of innovation. Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto even admitted that the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wouldn’t be a radical departure for […]

I openly admit to being a Nintendo fanboy, and Super Mario Galaxy was one of my favourite titles of 2007, so I had some pretty big expectations for Super Mario Galaxy 2. The problem was only that it felt too sequely when it was first announced. While it did have Yoshi as well as some new power-ups, the title alone just felt less innovative than I’d expected from a mario […]

Among the ports, remakes and the one Legend of Zelda title present at the Wii’s launch was Red Steel, a first person shooter/sword fighter intended to prove the Wii could be a platform for both hardcore and casual gamers. Unfortunately it suffered from some rather clunky controls due to the Wii not being able to do what it was supposed to. Now, 4 years and one controller add-on later, Red […]

The release of Ashes Cricket 2009 right now may seem strange – it’s a funny time to release a game, slap bang in the middle of the summer gaming slowdown, but in the case of Ashes there’s definitely no better time for the game to land. Right now, the actual real Ashes Tournament is taking place and Cricket has actually been promoted to be important enough to be front or […]

The Virtua Tennis series hasn’t changed much since its birth, really. Like many sports games, there’s a career mode, several training exercises and matches against both real-life and originally created tennis pros across the globe until you are crowned the greatest in the world – and then it’s as good as game over. The core design of Virtua Tennis 2009 is very much the same – you create a player […]