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Big Bass Arcade: No Limit has limitless bass action

Posted by John Michonski- March 15, 2012 @ 21:15    ADD COMMENTS

If you’re a fan of fishing sims on the Wii, there’s a new one on the block to wet your whistle. Big Bass Arcade’s bringing the DSiWare fun to Wiiware with quick arcade game style casting and plenty of minigames. You’ll be able to catch the big one later this spring.

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Preview: Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Posted by Colin Kitler- September 25, 2011 @ 14:10    2 COMMENTS

Recently, I was able to check out the @ActivisionHunts Adventure Starts Here tour and got a quick look at Activision‘s latest hunting game Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai.

Now, I haven’t been keeping up with the Cabela games, or even hunting games in general. The last game I played in the genre was probably back in the distant past of the year 2000, where arcade machines could still be found in movie theater lobbies or the entrance of a local Wal-Mart.

These games amounted to basically having three shots to shoot a “trophy buck,” and did little to capture my interest, especially when placed next to games such as “Time Crisis.”  So what does this game do to prevent from being the same boring memory of yesteryear?

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Goldeneye Wii Limited Edition unboxing – The EMU Review

Posted by Jason Heine- November 16, 2010 @ 23:44    1 COMMENT

Hello friends, Jason Heine here checking in with a quick unboxing video of the Limited Edition Goldeneye Wii with the Golden Classic Controller Pro!

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Details about the Rock Band 3 Stratocaster emerge

Posted by Kyle Gaddo- November 4, 2010 @ 17:03    2 COMMENTS

Fender has let loose some awesome information about the upcoming Squier Fender Stratocaster Guitar/Controller due for release in Q1 of 2011.

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New Goldeneye 007 reimagined trailer drops jaws

Posted by Kyle Gaddo- September 1, 2010 @ 18:41    3 COMMENTS

Okay, seriously. My jaw literally dropped when I saw what they were doing with this. New Goldeneye game is going to be incredibly amazing. Two things of note, however: First, the game will feature Daniel Craig and not Pierce Brosnan. Second, it is not a remake of the N64 classic, but a brand new Goldeneye experience.

Check out the video over on Joystiq. Like right now! I’d embed it, but it hates me

Metroid: Other M – Hands-on Impressions

Posted by Katie Punsly- July 22, 2010 @ 08:30    12 COMMENTS

As a huge Metroid Prime fan, this Metroid title might very well not be for me. Other M takes the old-school Metroid games and tacks onto it the first-person Metroid Prime mode. Side-scrolling is back, in the awkward two-and-a-half dimensions well-known by N64 players. Basically, the game ends up being a clunky amalgam of a platformer and a first-person shooter, with what seems to be the story of an RPG.

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