The ESRB have gone ahead and put up the rating and description of the “less desirable” parts of the third Parasite Eve game, The Third Birthday.

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Square Enix have dated Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for Februrary 25th in the UK and Europe, offering up a new animated trailer done in the pencil-art style of Tactics Ogre as a means of announcing the date. This trailer is also a bit special as it’s a Europe and North America exclusive – whereas most Square Enix trailers are redubbed trailers from Japan edited and reused, this one […]

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It’s been a pretty awesome day today, as more and more details about the Sony NGP have been crawling out of the woodwork. We’ve seen plenty of rumors, speculations, and lots of awesomeness as far as tech specs and upcoming software. We’re collecting all the information we can find and putting it all here, into one convenient place for you, including specs, pictures, and every single detail available. Also worth […]

Sony just had a big announcement in Tokyo today. Probably the most important news of the day was that the “PSP 2″ has been confirmed. Codenamed “NGP”, short for New Generation Portable, the new device is already set to give the Nintendo 3DS a run for its money. Tech specs and more after the cut.

This morning we got news from the Square Enix press event in Japan about plenty of Final Fantasy titles, including the rumored Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game will act like X-2 before it, set in the same world, focused on the same characters, and is due out in 2011, at least in Japan.

Gone are the days of photoshopped prototypes and speculation!

If the guys from Penny Arcade aren’t awesome enough already, their charity – Child’s Play – definitely pushes them over into that category. $2,294,317.53 was raised during 2010 for children’s hospitals across the country (and a few offshore from America,) through auctions, donations, and toys bought for hospitals off their Amazon wishlists. Which, according to Tycho (Jerry Holkins, for those politically correct people) is almost over nine million overall that […]

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Game Informer has released it’s predictions for 2011 of what it feels might be around the bend for us gamers. However, some are just a bit more absurd than others.

Game Informer recently published a fairly comprehensive release schedule for the major titles being released across all formats in the next 12 months. If you have any interest in figuring out what to spend your limited income on in 2011, you’ll probably want to check out the full list after the cut, because it looks like it’s going to be a ridiculously good year for gaming this year.

Not to be outdone by GameFly’s Year-End Sale, Amazon are now having their own sale with a good handful of gems available. Titles like the Limited Edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West are available for a fraction of their prices, as well as the ultra-hard Demon’s Souls with a CD soundtrack! The fun retro PS3 title 3D Dot Game Heroes is also on sale. […]