It’s Friday night, folks, time for VaultCast! Ok ok ok… it’s early Saturday morning. Whatever. I went out of town for some Little Caesars Pizza tonight, so whatevs. You don’t know me, I do what I want… ANYWAYS, Episode 9 is our viewer mail spectacular! (Mail may or may not have been immediately begged for prior to recording) Boge is still out for a while, but Youth Large makes his non-triumphant return! [...]

Small crew this week on The VaultCcast. Boge (Medium) is out due to a personal situation (and we send our best his way), and Youth Large is just a boner. Still a fun podcast with plenty of discussion on PAX East and patient zero, some guys from League of Legends being dicks, Rock Band DLC ending, Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War: Judgment, Tiger 14, and plenty more! Get the mp3 download HERE [...]

Friday night means it’s time for a new episode of The SML VaultCast for you to waste your time listening to! Episode 7: Boge vs. Wild is like a mashup of two episodes. One episode is a Dummy Run about Boge playing the Xbox 360 all time classic Man vs. Wild starring Bear Grylls and the other episode is a nice discussion on preorder bonuses, Limited Edition games and consoles, and [...]

It’s Friday night (technically, I guess) and it’s time for another episode of The SML VaultCast! Yeah, it’s a few hours later than usual, but moving will do that to you… Anyways, good lord, I can’t even begin to describe this episode, but I guess I’ll have to do my best, right? The SML VaultCast Episode 6: CRUNCH Time has as little structure as possible for one of our episodes, [...]

Another Friday arrives and another episode of The SML VaultCast is up and ready to be enjoyed by all of our loyal listeners as well as the majority of you who just accidentally clicked on the thing to start the playback. Sorry, by the way. Anyways, Episode 5: Tomb Raider Dummy Run features our new segment called, shockingly, Dummy Run! In the segment, we have Boge play about an hour of [...]

It’s Friday and you know what that means! An all new episode of The SML VaultCast is online and ready to be ignored! Episode 4: Magical Musical Extravaganza welcomes Kunal Majmudar back for a second straight week as we dedicate the entire episode to music! Video game music, video game remixes, arrangement albums, and Youth Large talks about his former band that has some songs in Rock Band! Get the mp3 [...]

It’s Friday so once again a new episode of the VaultCast is up, folks! Episode 3: Rip on PS4 & RIP Rock Band focuses on the big news of the day (that we recorded), the PS4 announcement! Listen to us wax poetic about the droning 19 hour Sony presentation and smack lips like Jonathan Blow. We close things off with a farewell to Rock Band who is ending their DLC on [...]

Episode 2 is here! You know, for all of the reader that checked out the first episode… And look! We have a fancy banner thanks to Randall Drew of Rkdia Comics! He did this week’s video image as well. Episode 2: On Location with Youth Large sees the crew recording on location at The Video Game Store in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA. Small (Tim) was working, so why not, right? [...]

VaultCast? What the hell is that?? Let me share the knowledge. The SML VaultCast is a podcast that I have started up with my friends Tim Robinson and Jason “Boge” Bogert. It will be a weekly release with unique themes and general fun times for all. The SML stands for Small, Medium, and Large, because when you place Tim, Boge, and myself next to each other, those are our sizes. [...]

Steam is great, isn’t it? And so is The Gaming Vault, when you get right down to it. So we figured that we go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we’ve opened up a Steam Group for all to join. What’s required to join? Nothing other than having a Steam account! This group is open to the public, will be a great way to organize events directly with our [...]