The process of releasing each song previously packaged with Rock Band Blitz as standalone DLC has been tedious in my opinion, but the process will cease when the final bunch is released on the 19th of March, which includes Shout by Tears For Fears, Diamond Eyes by Deft—I mean, Shinedown, and the “I just shot Marvin in the face” song. Check out the full details, as well as RBN details, […]

Deep Silver, the new custodians of the Saints Row franchise, have confirmed that not only will Saints Row 4 be out on August 20th (23rd in Europe), but that the fourth game will be a 360, PS3 and PC release only. Again, the Wii U has been left out in the cold to play with itself, as no mention of the game for Nintendo‘s struggling console was made. Like previous […]

With the HD port of the really quite decent 3DS actioner, Resident Evil: Revelations, due out in just under two months time, Capcom have released a new trailer for the game that we have for you after the break. The trailer shows off much in the way of monster blasting, the freshly applied HD visuals and also provides a generous showing of the various weapons you can expect to collect […]

Bethesda have just opened a merchandise store y’know and rather than just exclusively dealing in items which correlate to current products, they have a crap-ton of merchandise which give lots of love to their legacy games too. Expect to see the likes of Fallout sneakers, hoodies, original Doom and Quake T-shirts and much, much more besides; all waiting to be added to your potentially financially crippling basket. Relieve yourself of your dosh here.  

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After a fairly long wait, the sequel to Overkill‘s snatch & grab shooter-fest, Payday: The Heist, has at last manifested itself in the public eye. Supposedly a much more robust co-op experience than the original and boasting over five-times as many missions, the jointly developed Starbreeze/Overkill sequel is due to arrive on XBLA, PSN and PC later this year. To whet our appetites, the publisher has put out a fact sheet […]

Apologies for the late and brief update this week, but I’m balls deep in boxes from moving and I just barely squeaked out the time to scribble this little post while stealing my neighbor’s internet. This week’s PS Plus freebie is Joe Danger 2: The Movie for the PS3. To go along with that freebie, you can get yourself a discount on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Ultimate Edition, […]

Now I know what this looks like. We’ve already been burned burn Major Nelson for having this Scott Pilgrim add-on announced and never coming to light, twice. This time it’s different, I swear! Wanna know why? Look after the jump and I will explain. Not enough for you? What if I said there was a trailer now?

While not exactly news, this is pretty adorable. A daughter asked her dad why she couldn’t play as Pauline in Donkey Kong and save Mario, so naturally, the father did the obvious thing and hacked the game to let her do so. He redrew the frames for the characters to give them appropriate walk cycles (especially since Mario doesn’t come with a ‘thrown over Donkey Kong’s shoulder’ animation) and changed […]

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Wow, Harmonix just keeps dealing the blows. First Rock Band axes their weekly DLC, something that has been continuous for the past 278 weeks and now they are ending their Dance Central DLC. The reasoning given for the sudden stop of DLC for their games is that “the talented developers who make this content are needed on other projects.” While I don’t doubt that that is one of the reasons […]

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Another Friday arrives and another episode of The SML VaultCast is up and ready to be enjoyed by all of our loyal listeners as well as the majority of you who just accidentally clicked on the thing to start the playback. Sorry, by the way. Anyways, Episode 5: Tomb Raider Dummy Run features our new segment called, shockingly, Dummy Run! In the segment, we have Boge play about an hour of […]