Another Friday arrives and another episode of The SML VaultCast is up and ready to be enjoyed by all of our loyal listeners as well as the majority of you who just accidentally clicked on the thing to start the playback. Sorry, by the way. Anyways, Episode 5: Tomb Raider Dummy Run features our new segment called, shockingly, Dummy Run! In the segment, we have Boge play about an hour of […]

It’s Friday and you know what that means! An all new episode of The SML VaultCast is online and ready to be ignored! Episode 4: Magical Musical Extravaganza welcomes Kunal Majmudar back for a second straight week as we dedicate the entire episode to music! Video game music, video game remixes, arrangement albums, and Youth Large talks about his former band that has some songs in Rock Band! Get the mp3 […]

It’s Friday so once again a new episode of the VaultCast is up, folks! Episode 3: Rip on PS4 & RIP Rock Band focuses on the big news of the day (that we recorded), the PS4 announcement! Listen to us wax poetic about the droning 19 hour Sony presentation and smack lips like Jonathan Blow. We close things off with a farewell to Rock Band who is ending their DLC on […]

VaultCast? What the hell is that?? Let me share the knowledge. The SML VaultCast is a podcast that I have started up with my friends Tim Robinson and Jason “Boge” Bogert. It will be a weekly release with unique themes and general fun times for all. The SML stands for Small, Medium, and Large, because when you place Tim, Boge, and myself next to each other, those are our sizes. […]

  The Guardian recently posted an exclusive interview with Frank O’Connor regarding Halo 4′s upcoming multiplayer features, along with 3 new screenshots.

We had the excellent opportunity to interview Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian and talk about his origins as a fighting game competitor, his rise within Capcom’s own ranks, his work with Street Fighter IV, what makes the fighting community so awesome, and even talks about a touchy subject in the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken.

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Brian Gomez, design director for Silent Hill at Vatra Games sat down at Gamescom to discuss the horror genre and how Silent Hill, past and present has contributed to it.  He stated that horror, “ is about immersing players in an atmosphere of dread and violating their comfort zones.” Something Silent Hill has done very well in the past with fog, a disorienting sense of place and time, and monsters of […]

Gabe Newell, the jolly CEO of Valve, recently did a video conference with a bunch of high school kids in a marketing class. As awesome as this is by itself, Gabe dropped some pretty heavy news. After chewing the fat with the class, Gabe let it slip that Portal 2 development has completed, and that Valve is working on printing the discs for the game as we speak. A hefty […]

This past Monday, I went over to the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm midnight launch event. While there, I spoke with the fans of the game regarding topics such as the new 4.0 patch changes, the Shattering, and what people had planned to do right when the servers planned on going live.

IGN has an incredible interview with MTV’s Paul DeGooyer giving us a ton of insight about Harmonix’s upcoming opus, Rock Band 3. In the interview, DeGooyer talks about several aspects of the game from how and why the songs were chosen for the game as well as pricing for future downloadable content. With an enormous 2,000-song library, Harmonix have all but dominated the rhythm game scene with no end in […]