A lot is going on in the world of FEZ this week. The amazing game from Polytron turned a year old on the 13th and you can read Phil and Renaud’s heartfelt thanks over on the Polytron site. To date the game has sold 200,000 copies on XBLA which is pretty impressive for a downloadable only 360 game (for reference Super Meat Boy sold about 220,000 on XBLA). Additionally the game […]

Vancouver, British Columbia held it’s 4th annual Canadian Video Game Awards last night, with categories ranging from Best Technology to Best New Character to Best Game Innovation. This also marks the first major award where not only did Journey not win anything, it wasn’t even nominated. Guess our friends to the north aren’t that fond of sand and scarves. FarCry 3 was the big winner, snagging 6 awards including Game […]

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EDGE, the critically acclaimed game from Mobigame has been in a 4 year long legal battle with a guy named Tim Langdell who claimed that the title of the game infringed on a copyright of his game company called The Edge. Just a few days ago the courts ruled in Mobigame’s favor, and Two Tribes, the publisher who released the game onto Steam and various other platforms, is celebrating by offering the game […]

I’ll level with you; i’m horrendous at all facets of coding.  In fact, i’m beyond horrendous at it. The prospect of dusty books, elongated web-seminars and pages upon pages of code hieroglyphics just makes me want to yawn myself inside out and curl up into a little ball and think about fun things. Thankfully, it seems that a group of ultra-clever computer scientists have picked up on this and have devised a […]

How about that? Someone is actually doing a Kickstarter for a new Road Rash type game for PC, Mac and Linux!  Well, EA aren’t going to do anything with their asses sat on the license are they? Titled Road Redemption, the developers, DarkSeas Games want just $160,000 to make this game a reality. As of writing they’re currently sat on $4,768.  Do you understand what I am saying to you? […]

Well, this isn’t exactly good news is it? Disney has today confirmed that it has ceased all development at Lucasarts, placing Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault in limbo, while the house that Mickey built seeks to embrace a licensing-based business model for their intellectual property.

In a report run by Eurogamer, Bethesda has apparently confirmed that a “new version” of the long-in-development Doom 4 is planned for next-generation consoles and that Rage 2 has been canned with all staff at id Software now working full-time on the troubled title. The actual release date of the game is still not known as according to sources who have spoken with Kotaku, the game underwent a sizeable reboot […]

A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by Reddit user subpardave has resulted in SEGA Europe agreeing to add disclaimers to trailers for the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines, making the acknowledgement that they are not accurate and do not reflect the final game. In a e-mail to the ASA, the disgruntled user placed emphasis on what he outlined as the “absurd” difference between the “in-game” and “playthrough” footage that SEGA utilised to market the […]

Activision today let go the development team at High Moon Studios who worked on the upcoming Deadpool game. This has not affected the part of High Moon that works on Transformers titles. “Activision Publishing consistently works to align its costs with its revenues – this is an ongoing process. With the completion of development on Deadpool, we are taking a reduction in staff at High Moon Studios to better align […]

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According to an exclusive report by Pocket Gamer, Apple has been liaising with various developers behind the scenes at GDC 2013 in order to ensure a groundswell of support for its own dedicated, official joypad that it hopes to show during next month’s Apple event. Apparently, the company has been operating a meeting room at the show, but booked under a pseudonym company name in order to stay off the media radar. […]