Looks like this upcoming week in Rock Band and Rock Band Blitz is gonna get a nice helping of surfer rock thanks to Smash Mouth with two classic cover songs from the band. Filling up the third DLC slot is none other than The Offspring with one of their newest singles! Gonna be a fun week of Rock Banding, not to mention Blitzing! Get all the info and a preview plus […]

It’s been a pretty slow news day when it comes to Nintendo, so I figured I’d throw you guys a bone by revealing this week’s new titles for the 3DS eShop! We get some unique platforming action, an on rails shooter, a bookstore sim, and a classic Game Boy hidden gem all in a single week! Check the full list of games after the jump.

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Are you still addicted to Rock Band Blitz? Are you ready for another pack of DLC to make the fun last even longer? I know I am, and it looks like we’re getting a three pack from 90′s pop/rock favorites Matchbox 20! Check the full list of tracks and the RBN selections for PS3 after the break!

To say fans have been clamoring for the new Final Fantasy games “Type-0” and “Versus XIII” would be an understatement, even though recent speculation was high at least for the latter game that it had unofficially and quietly ended production. With a tweet from Yoichi Wada and a track from the supposed game appearing for download on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, that rumor was pretty immediately debunked. Now Theatrhythm has gone and done it again. Square Enix announced today […]

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The rumors have been around, but today Gearbox made it official. Borderlands 2 will be getting four pieces of DLC and they can be pre-purchased with a season pass. Each DLC will be priced at $9.99 and the season pass gets a 25% discount of $29.99. The DLC is specifically referred to as “campaign add-ons,” so hopefully we don’t get another Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. We are promised new areas, adventures, and enemies, […]

Bethesda Softworks have today confirmed earlier rumours that the next chunk of DLC for their horrendously successful open-world fantasy RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is called ‘Hearthfire‘ and will be released on the September 4th, for Xbox 360.  It’ll cost 400 Microsoft Points. More intriguing however is the idea that this doesn’t really introduce anything new in the way of quests, but instead allows you to go all DIY-like and build […]

Robot Entertainment announced today that the first booster pack for Orcs Must Die! 2 will be arriving in just two days, on the 29th. The pack, titled “Fire & Water,” provides three new levels that can be played either solo or co-op: Traffic Jammed, Double Decker, and The West Wing. There are also three Endless Mode conversions included for the levels The Library, Double Decker, and The West Wing.

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With the release of Rock Band Blitz coming next week, Harmonix is using this opportunity to take a quick one week break from the normal DLC fare. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting anything at all, because Rock Band Blitz is finally coming out! Sure, you might not care much about wanting the game (until you get your hands on it, allegedly), but look at it as a giant […]

Good news, detective. I know you’ve been workin’ hard on that Max Payne case. Betcha you’ve been waitin’ on updates. Well I’ve got good news, and it’s comin’ from the top brass at Rockstar Games. The free Disorganized Crime DLC Pack is coming to PC, PS3, and 360 August 28th.

Ubisoft‘s real guitar game Rocksmith got a healthy dose of “dad rock” today with the addition of three new tracks from classic artists.