Now, I’m not saying that I have insider information regarding anything Rocksmith-related (jk, I do), but I may or may not have happened upon Paul Cross and Nao Higo outside the Los Angeles Convention Center after the first official day of E3 2012 wrapped up. They definitely didn’t tell me that Queen was going to be making an appearance in their game, by the way, and they also didn’t tell […]

With PAX rearing its beautiful head in the near future, Penny Arcade has given Dungeon Defenders players a new option in their character’s skins. on April 6th, a skin pack of four Penny Arcade characters will be released for a fee. The characters are Tycho (skin for Squire), Cardboard Tube Samurai (Monk), Annarchy (Huntress), and Jim Darkmagic (Apprentice). However, if you go to PAX and have a swift hand, you […]

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