Looks like us PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting another free game this week with the addition of NFL Blitz. Hopefully this doesn’t qualify as October’s update to the “Instant Game Collection” which still features most of the titles that were added all the way back at E3. I appreciate the sentiment that Sony wants to have a full lineup of games that are free for new PS Plus members, but […]

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Looks like Sony REALLY wants people to spend money on PSN this month! In addition to their all new Day 1 Digital program which offers new retail games on the PlayStation Network the same day as in stores, they’re also looking to reward some big spenders this month as well with some money back! If you spend $100+ on PSN through the entire month of October, Sony will send you […]

Starting now through January 6th, 2013, if you purchase one of five select digital titles from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, you can get yourself a rare version of the NES Donkey Kong. When originally released in arcades, Donkey Kong featured four different stages. Due to memory restrictions on the NES, only three of those stages made the NES game. This all new digital bonus features the NES version of the […]

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Remember how Harmonix is doing that massive Rock Band sale with nearly all pre-Rock Band 3 tracks being discounted 50%? Looks like they are following suit with a similarly massive Dance Central DLC blowout sale with all singles dropping from 240 Microsoft Points down to 160 MSP. On top of that, all the huge bundles and packs are on sale for even bigger discounts with some of the Marathon Packs […]

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That’s what everybody did in Grand Theft Auto 3, right? Get your “health” up with a hooker, then beat her up for your money back? I know I’m not the only one. ANYWAYS, after a delay back in late July due to presumably a music licensing issue, the game is set for release on PSN tomorrow, 9/25. No price has been announced for GTA3 yet, but I’m going to guess it’ll […]

Gotta admit it’s been a good Rock Band week for me. Got some Offspring this week and I also finally got a 500/500 on Rock Band Blitz last night. Suck it, Cult of Personality! Anyways, this is about NEXT week’s DLC and if you’re a Green Day fan who doesn’t own Green Day: Rock Band, you are in luck!

It’s been a long ass time coming, but La-Mulana has finally made it’s way to WiiWare, proving that Nintendo actually does remember that WiiWare exists every now and again.  Check out all the new content after the jump and be sure to grab your free Pokedex 3D from the 3DS eShop before it gets yanked on October 1st to make way for the Pokedex 3D Pro, which WON’T be free.

UPDATE: The goal is officially up on the Rock Band World app and is to get 30 stars total on any songs from the Rock Band Blitz soundtrack! THAT’S IT! Play the Blitz songs, get 30 total stars, complete the goal, get free DLC! The awesome dudes from Harmonix just announced in their Rock Band Livestream that one of the upcoming Rock Band Blitz goals available on the Rock Band […]

It’s going to be an early Christmas present for SEGA fans as NiGHTS HD is releasing in early October and is going to have access to the incredibly hard to find Christmas NiGHTS expansion! Even better is that it’s only going to run you a ten spot! The game releases on October 2nd for PSN users for $9.99 and on October 5th on XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points. In addition […]

There’s been some rumblings and some chatter going on about some big Rock Band news and if this doesn’t qualify as freaking insane news, I don’t know what does. Over 1,100 songs that Harmonix has released officially for Rock Band are on sale on sale for 50% off. EVERY pre-Rock Band 3 song that was originally released for $1.99 is included in the sale. The list of songs is all […]