IndieCade 2012 will be upon us soon, October 4-7th in Culver City, California. That’s near Los Angeles for those of you not in California. This festival which has been heralded as the Sundance of Video Game conventions hosts the best of indie games in a full fledged arcade where the public can come play them. Some of them are even set up in the outdoor street arcade which can be […]

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The developers of BlazBlue, that gorgeous 2D fighting franchise that I just so happen to suck horribly at, have today confirmed that another entry is in the pipeline for the series.

The first real footage of real people playing the Persona 4 fighting game spin-off in an arcade has emerged from Japanese arcades, where the game is currently in its ‘Location Test’ – a public test of balance, popularity and other vital things before the game is properly released more widely to arcades.

If you love Indie Games and happen to be in the Culver City/Los Angeles, California area, this festival is for you. This is the only stand-alone Independent Game conference in America, the IndieCade Festival is also open to the public. In fact the arcade portion is even free. There were 400 submissions to the festival, which means 400 games that are totally free to play and experience in their arcade. […]

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Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in America, starts this week in Austin, Texas. While the festival is notable for having showcased movies like There Will Be Blood and Zombieland, it’s also home to a large independent game arcade. Sponsored by Sony’s Playstation Network, the arcade will feature 20 games on display along with panels and discussions. According to one of the arcade’s curators Mike Plante, ”Fantastic Arcade is a direct bridge between the […]

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Want to watch the creative team behind Mortal Kombat beat the crap out of each other in game? Today is your lucky day. At 2:30 (CST) NetherRealm Studios will be live streaming an in house tournament among the staff. Hang out in the chat with other MK fans as you wait and hope to hear Dan Forden win and yell TOASTY! Watch it live here.

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If you’re like me and try to play all the indie games that come out for XBLA hoping for the rare gem in there, then today yielded a treat. Developer Phoenix has put out a challenging platformer called T.E.C. 3001. You play as a robot that races down a track collecting batteries while jumping across gaps and sliding under obstacles. Sounds simple right? Well it’s surprisingly hard to master but rewarding when […]

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Check out this fantastic, if not a wee bit sentimental video compilation by Rob Beschizza of BoingBoing showing off the wide range of deaths players can experience in the world of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. I think I almost shed a tear on a number of these clips, mostly because it brought back a lot of nostalgia when I was in the arcade and using up the last credit in […]

Not content with already putting out Tekken X Street Fighter, Namco Bandai are putting out another Tekken title called Tekken Tag 2 Tournament, a sequel to the PS2 titled that featured, you guessed it, MvC2-style tag battles. The game is due in Summer 2011 in Japan, with other territories "TBD".

The guys over at Mad Catz kindly extended us an invite to go head down to Super vs Battle 2010 and interview Daigo Umehara, Super Street Fighter IV World Champion and key member of ‘Team Mad Catz’. As a fighting game fan myself, I could hardly pass up this opporunity, and so headed down to see what was going on at what is now the UK’s largest fighting game tournament.