Episode 2 is here! You know, for all of the reader that checked out the first episode… And look! We have a fancy banner thanks to Randall Drew of Rkdia Comics! He did this week’s video image as well. Episode 2: On Location with Youth Large sees the crew recording on location at The Video Game Store in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA. Small (Tim) was working, so why not, right? […]

Do you like money? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to give it all to Square-Enix this holiday season. For the next couple weeks, until January 2, they are chopping their prices in half for near every game available in their online store. Even the brand new Hitman: Absolution is included in the sale, for $39.99 on all platforms. It’s not quite 50%, but you can’t really complain about […]

Serebii.net is reporting that Junichi Masuda, director of Pokemon, just announced on the Pokemon Smash TV show that the next entries into the Pokemon series of games will be Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. This comes as a surprise, because where the heck is Grey.

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Head’s up, people! Big releases coming at you tomorrow, including heavy hitters from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal, and Snowblind Studios. For a full list and convenient purchasing links via Amazon, check behind the cut!

If you love the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you may want to take note… but not get too excited. In Japan, the newest set of cards is getting a limited edition package that will be bundled with a Nintendo DS game. No word yet on if this game is seeing overseas release. Known at the moment as “Pokémon Trading Card Game: How to Play DS,” the game is not a […]

The United States Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. EMA earlier today, deciding in a 7-2 vote to strike down a proposed California law to assist in the ban of sales of violent video games to minors. Originally known as Schwarzenegger v. EMA, The law would have given a government body the right to label individual titles as inappropriate and issue fines to retailers caught selling these titles to those […]

Genre: Point & Click Adventure | Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom Platform: DS | Players: 1 | Rating: T (Teen) In Ghost Trick, you’re dead before the game even begins. You play a ghost who at first can’t remember his name or anything of his recently-ended life who has one simple power – the ability to play Ghost Tricks. Told he has one night to unravel the mystery of his […]

We’ve recently ended a decade in which it’s been absolutely fantastic being a gamer. Not only was video games brought into the mainstream, mostly thanks to the Nintendo Wii and iPhone, and some truly fantastic games have come out during the past 10 years. But the days of looking back are in our Game of the Year article. This particular piece is about looking forward. So far 2011 is looking […]

Just got Sonic Colors for both Wii and DS in the mail today, courtesy of the lovely people at SEGA! While you wait for upcoming reviews for each one, please enjoy this ultra-fast TV spot for the Wii version!

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of roughly 9:30 AM EST on this day, Viacom has announced that they plan to sell off Rock Band franchise creator, Harmonix Music Systems.