Did you pre-order your Rock Band 3 game from somewhere other than GameStop and miss out on the three free songs being offered? Sucker.

Whoa, what the Hell are you doing reading this? Rock Band 3 is out RIGHT NOW. Go to your local retailer and get yourself one! But make sure to visit regularly in the coming days! We’ve got a flood of special surprises for you! In other news, I heard a ton of Europeans exploded because they have to wait until the 29th!

This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. According to figures from Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has not gained as much profits as it’s predecessors, having only moved 86,000 copies during it’s first week of retail in the U.S.

Harmonix, you crafty, crafty people. We just absolutely love you. It’s not like we weren’t going to buy your new title Rock Band 3, but you have to christen it with free tracks? Doors tracks? Oh, you know how to win rockers’ hearts everywhere.

As part of the ongoing promotion for the new Greatest Hits album by Bon Jovi, we’re going to be seeing an extra special Bon Jovi track pack hit Rock Band on November 9th, the same day the collections goes on sale.

Harmonix and MTV announced that the total of all the on-disc and downloadable songs have surpassed 2,000 songs! Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?” had the honor of pushing game’s library over the landmark. The press release states that players have downloaded over 75 million tracks from the Rock Band Store and the Rock Band Network. Freakin’ amazing. Kudos, Harmonix! You’re a force in the industry and there’s no stopping you!

SEGA’s let loose a new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and this time it’s Mad Gear Zone! Our blue speedster braves the industrial machinations of Dr. Eggman in this fast-paced level.

Jung Da-Yeon wasn’t always a fitness guru. Eight years ago, the South Korean mother of two was out of shape and wasn’t the body-slimming titan she is today. She’s so big, in fact, that she’s made a name for herself not only in South Korea, but all of Asia. Her body-slimming books and tapes are hot sellers.

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Let’s face it: You probably don’t know all the words to R.E.M.’s “The End of the World as You Know It.” That’s fine, neither do we. Thankfully, Harmonix is hooking us up with a cheat-sheet, so to speak, by putting that song along with other R.E.M. hits into the Rock Band series. Joining the jangle pop behemoths are glam rock titans T. Rex with a pack of their own.

New Wii sequels announced! GBA/DS game Rhythm Heaven and survival-horror series Fatal Frame will be getting incarnations on the Nintendo Wii. 2011 release dates, but not much after that. Check out the gallery with pictures of both, courtesy of Joystiq!

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