After originally only being slated for release in Canada last year, Nintendo have confirmed that the Wii Mini will release on March 22nd in the United Kingdom with a price yet to be determined. Unveiled last year with a new design (it looks like a lidded cat litter tray) and no internet functionality, Nintendo is obviously hoping that there is a group of folks somewhere who hasn’t owned one of […]

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Remember when I said that Skylanders Giants figures were really expensive? You’re in luck! You can get Giant Skylander Swarm for only $2.99 and the first Battle Pack, which includes Series 2 Chop Chop, Shroomboom, and the Dragonfire Cannon, for only $9.99. Together, that’s nearly a $30 savings. Also, free shipping if you’ve got Amazon Prime or fill your basket with other Skylanders goodies.

Some of us are still reeling over the news this week that Rock Band is ending it’s weekly DLC releases. Part of me still wishes it were some horrible joke, but I know that’s not the cast. Hopefully the game at least goes out in style, right? You know, the weeks that we aren’t stuck with Rock Band Blitz re-hashes… Get all the info on this week’s releases, including a […]

This is one easily of the saddest days in my gaming life. The series I have played and loved for five years is ending it’s weekly DLC on April 2nd.  The reason I was even hired on this site was to cover Rock Band news and it quickly grew to much more, but to me, this absolutely sucks. I can’t even think of a joke to make in this situation. […]

Once again, the next slice of Rock Band DLC to arrive will be a selection of songs previously exclusive to Rock Band Blitz, but with no Pro upgrades in tow this time around. So again, if you have purchased Blitz prior, as you should have, this week’s offerings are, well, a misnomer. Check out full details, as well as RBN details, after the jump!

As my area braces for the historically catastrophic blizzard targeting the north east, I sit here at my computer typing up my last will and testament and a post about the upcoming Rock Band DLC before my area gets decimated by the 4-6″ of snow my area is predicted to receive. Thankfully, to ease my mind of the nearly half foot of snow on the way to my unsuspecting and […]

After a fantastic week of an Aerosmith 6 pack, we’re back to another helping of Rock Band Blitz songs being released as singles, which brings us ever closer to the end of Blitz releases and, some say, the potential end of DLC in general. I, for one, have now started hoping that Blitz somehow has a soundtrack that will take years to release… Please? Anyways, get the full details on […]

XSEED Games, who recently announced it will be bringing Pandora’s Tower to the US since Nintendo didn’t bother with it, issued a press release today talking about all the massive games it has in the pipeline for 2013, and if you’re an RPG fan, you better be excited! Like nipples straight out levels of excited. Right off the bat is KILLER IS DEAD, the new game from SUDA51 and Grasshopper […]

Yay another game comes to the Wii U eShop! Two weeks in a row, let’s hope for three next week! In addition to Puddle hitting the Wii U this week, it also gets a demo and the Nintendo 3DS gets five releases today with another early next week. Even the original Wii gets a new Virtual Console title! Get all the details after the jump! 

I haven’t done the Rock Band DLC updates for a few weeks due to various reasons, but don’t worry my babies, I’m back in the saddle again bringing you the news and yes, I missed you too, thank you so much! Anyways, after another week of nothing but some more Rock Band Blitz singles, we get ourselves a week of new content for Rock Band in the way of freakin AEROSMITH! Who’d […]